Knitwear Free Pattern

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Sizes: 44-46, 
You will need 450 g beige, 50 g white yarn Lanas Stop ESO Wooi 009, Wool.
95 we have 4.5; Four buttons. Elastic band 5/2: Alternately 2 H., 5 persons., 
Front Surface: Picts. P-Persons 
Jacquard pattern: knit faces. 
In Jacquard technique on 
Account scheme. Repeating loops 
Rapport. Run once from the 1st to 
Density of knitted gum 5, ' 2: 23т 10 ' 10см. 
Backrest: A beige thread to dial 
N, tie 24 ch Rubber Band 5/2. On 
Range with 2. Next Knit 26 
R. Jacquard pattern,
But to kill 14 p. in 1st P "then through 39 cm from suitebut. 
Edge for the armholes to reduce from both 
Parties 4 p. and every 2nd R. X 3 
P., 1x2 P., 2x1 p, = 64 p, through 65 
CM from inlaid edge and close all 
Right Polochkh beige thread on. 
Take €5 N and tie 24 cm rubber. 
Some 5/2. Then knit 26 p. Zhakkar- 
Pattern. Evenly 
D. in 1st P. and having executed apertures 
For buttons:-E at a distance of H, 
From the edge. "E at the interval of 25 p, 
(Close 2 P "and next to the P, 
To dial them), in the last row 
Jacquard pattern performed from. 
For buttons as well. Next 
Knit rubber Bands 52 and for Armholes with 
Left side to lower 4 p. and then 
In every 2nd O. 1 x H P... 2x1 d. 
At the same time through 39 cm from the. 
The edge of the neck cutout of the 
On the right side, reduce the Breakfas 
House 2nd P. 5x2 L... 13х p. 
24 p. Close at height 
Left knit Symmetrical 
But. Without button holes. 
Sleeves: Beige "thread Dial 37" 
n, and knit rubber band 5:2. Grabaachayme 
On both sides of the 8th of the 4th R. x 
1 p.: 59 p. Through 43 cm from the Suitebut 
Edge for the sleeve of the sleeves • to favor with 
Both sides 4 then E each 
2-Mr. 11 P. и5х2п, черезб0см 
From the inlaid edge to close the remaining 
9 p, Collar: Beige Thread dial 142 p. and tie 4 p, rubber band $2, 
Reduce from both sides 7 x 2 p. and 5 X 3 p. 34 A, close all loops. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. 
Sleeves to stick. Run Box Seams and seams of sleeves. Sew Collar on the edge of the neck cut.You, sew the buttons on the left Shelf. 

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