Openwork sweater knitting with a round neck

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This elegant elongated sweater with three-quarter-length soft cotton yarn knitting needles is a challenge even for experienced needlewomen. A wide plank, connected with a curly elastic, and an openwork yoke are separated by a knit stocking fragment. 

You will need: 
11 x 50 g (65 m) skeins of pale pink Schachenmayr Latuca Cotton yarn (tone 00035) 
Knitting needles No. 5.5 
Circular needles No. 5 with a length of 60 cm 
How to knit a sweater with needles 
Sizes 44-48 

Girth at chest level 98 cm 
Length 56 cm 
Sleeve length along the seam 25 cm

The data in square brackets refer to a larger size. If only one number is indicated, it means that it applies to all sizes. 

15 p. X 21.5 r. = 10 x 10 cm, connected with knitting needles No. 5.5 or another size, but observing the specified density of knitting. 


vm = together; from = purl (oops); IP = seamy side; LS = front side; individuals. = facial (oops); beginning = start; leave = remaining (iesya); n. = loop (s); repeat = repeat; having added. = addition, add; prod. = continue; straight. nak = straight fit; npcp = stretch the removed loop through the knit; Rap. = rapport; R. = row (s); track. = next (s); cm = centimeter (s); sn. = remove; subtracting. = subtract; subtract; chul. elm. = stocking 

Knit sweater with a scheme of Yarn in two additions dial 72 p. On the spokes number 5.5. Tie 1 p. from (Ip). 

Further use a yarn in one addition and knit a rap. strips according to the scheme on a sheet with patterns in a trace. order: 

1st p. (BOS): Rap. The first 7 p. schemes, rep. 14 p. Motive only 4 times, then rap. last 9 p.

Tie 28 p., Rep. 1st and 2nd p. for the formation of rap., then link the 29th-31st p. schemes, completing work on the LAN. 

Early R. out, tie 29 p. chul. elm., completing work on IP. 1 p. from and 1 p. individuals. 

Track. R. (BOS): Lits. until the end, evenly adding. 3 n. In p. 75 p. 1 p. from Complete the work on the IP. Now prod. openwork rap. according to the scheme in the next. order: 

1st p. (BOS): Rap. first 19 p. of 1st p. schemes, rep. 18 p. Motive 2 times, then rap. last 20 p. Prod. Rap. according to the scheme. Tie 26 p., Completing work on the IP. 

Raglan lines Monitoring 

compliance with rap., Close 3 p. On both sides of the trail. R. 69 p. Ubav. 1 p. on both sides R. further through r. near the edge p., until you tie 54 p. scheme. Cut the thread and leave 43 p. On the auxiliary spoke.

Before. Sweater knitting 
Knit as back. 

Sleeves. Women's sweater knitting 
yarn in two additions dial 56 p. On the needles number 5.5. 1 p. from (Ip). Prod. Knit yarn in one addition to the next. order: 

Next R. (BOS): Sn. 1 p., * 1 persons., 2 persons. vm. (straight, nak.) 2 times, th. 1 p., 1 person., Pspp, 1 person., Rep. from * to the last paragraph, 1 person. 1 p. out., provyazyvaya 1 persons. and 1 out. straight nak Early Wed individuals., tie 20 p. chul. elm., completing work on IP. 1 p. from and 1 p. individuals. 

Track. R. (BOS): Lits. until the end, having added. 1 n. At the end of p. 57 p. 1 p. ex., completing work on IP. 

Prod. openwork br., as indicated on the diagram, tie 26 p., completing the work on the IP. 

Raglan lines Tie as raglan lines to the back, leaving 25 s on the auxiliary needle.

Assembling a sweater with needles. 
Pin the details of the product to the patterns of the appropriate size. Cover with a damp cloth and leave to dry completely. Perform raglan seams, side seams and sleeve seams. 

Bake mouth 
Turn the work of drugs to yourself. 

Knit with circular needles No. 5 on the item on the auxiliary knitting needles, dropping. all edging n details trail. way: for all the details of the faces. the first 2 p. vm., persons. to the last 2 n. of the end of the part, fn. 1 p., Persons. edge p. 128 p. Lits. 2 laps and out. 2 circles. 

Circle with openings: 

* Straight, nak., 2 persons. vm. from * to the end. 

Tie 7 circles with 1 face elastic. x 1 out. 

Close the loop on the gum pattern.

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