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SIZES S / M (L / XL) 


Approximately 108 (116) cm 


Approximately 72 (72) cm 


Yarn 1 (50% cotton, 50% wool; 50 g / 115 m) - 14 ( 15) skeins of beige; 
Yarn 2 (70% mohair, 30% silk; 25 g / 210 m) - 7 (8) hanks of gray-brown; Knitting needles № 4,5 and 5,5; hook number 3.5. 



Knit alternately 2 persons., 2 out. 


Facial rows - lysee loops, inner rows - inner loops. 


To the red products were smooth and not twisted, in all the rows of the first loop to remove, as the lyceum, to knit the last loop. 


Knit on the schema. The numbers on the right indicate the front rows. In the inside rows all the loops must be tied with the inside out. 

In width repeat parop of 18 p. Between the arrows. Loop the loop after the 2nd arrow. In height, perform 1 time from the 1st to the 16th row, then repeat from the 7th to the 16th row. 


23 p. X 20 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a relief pattern of "Scythe" with needles No. 5.5 in 2 threads; 
14.5 p. X 20 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by face spokes No. 5.5 in 2 threads. 


The product is knitted in 2 threads = 1 threads of yarns 1 and 2, taken together. 

If the instructions specify only one number, it refers to all sizes. 



Knitting needles №4,5 in 2 threads 122 (130) n. And knit with an elastic band, start the 1st row - .rom., 1 w., Finish - 1 w., Rom. 

When the gum width is 7 cm = 16 p., In the last series add 1 p. (Add 1 p.) = 123 (129) p. 

Go to the needles No. 5,5 and distribute the loops of the knots in the following way: crot., 6 ( 9) Section of the front section, 109 points of the “Coca” gaze (= Repeat rapport 6 times + 1 point after the 2nd arrow), 6 (9) of the flat face, chrome. 

Linking 46 (45) cm = 92 (90) p. after rubber, close from both sides for armholes in each 2nd p. 1 time for 3 p., 1 time for 2 p. And 2 times for 1 p. = 109 (115) p. 

Far knit straight, while the height of the armor will not be 19 (20) cm = 38 (40) p., Then everybody closed the door, tying up every 2nd and 3rd paragraph of the “Kosy” pattern along the front, so that the edge was flat.


On needles No. 4.5, dial in 2 threads 61 (65) items and knit with rubber, 1 st row start - chrome., 1 wear out, finish off - 2 persons, crome. 

When the width of the elastic band is 7 cm = 16 p., In the last row it is equal to add 2 (1) p. = 63 (66) p. 

Go to the button No. 5,5 and distribute the pattern loops in the following way: room 6, (9) lice head, 55 p. of “Kosy” pattern (= repeat rapport 3 times + 1 point after 2nd arrow), chrome. 

Linking 10 cm = 20 p. After the rubber, cut to enter the pocket: divide the work after the 16th (19th) point from the right edge and terminate each other separately. 


Create a new “loop” loop y section = 17 (20) section and knit 11 cm = 22 p. directly appropriate pattern. Then work temporarily stop. 


Knit 11 cm = 22 p. directly corresponding to the pattern. 

Then again rabotu prodolzhit nA all loops ppovyazav ĸromochnuyu loop razreza together with the adjacent loops = 63 (66) p. 

Armhole with pravoy The Parties to vypolnit nA that zhe vysote and thus zhe obrazom as nA back = 56 (59) p. 

Kogda height armhole it will be 19 (20) cm = 38 (40) p., cover with an outer edge for shoulder 36 (39) p. 

On the remaining 20 p. knit another 9 cm = 18 p. straight for the collar. Then leave the work deliberately. 


Knit, as the left shelf, but in a mirror image. 


On the needles No. 4,5, type in 2 threads 42 items and knit with a rubber band, start on the 1st line - apart, 1 of., Finish - 1 of., Except for. 

In the last row of backs it is equal to add 3 s. = 45 s.

Go to the needles No. 5, 5 and continue, distributing the loops of the patterns as follows: bed., 13 pp. Face sheet, 17 p. gadi, chrome. B 9 (7th) p. after the gum add 1 to 

each side . These accessories are added in each 10 (8th) p. More 6 (8) times = 59 (63) p. 

On the loops to be added, knit with a smooth satin stitch. 

Linking 40 cm = 80 p. after the rubber band, close both sides of the ruff in each 2nd p. 1 time by 3 points, 1 time by 2 points, 10 times by 1 point and 2 times by 2 points. 

Then close the remaining 21 (25) loops in the same row. 


parts are laid out, arranged, watered down and left to dry. 

Run stitches.

Sew the middle back seam of the collar and sew in the back of the neck. 


For each burlap, put needles # 5 in 2 strands, 17 items, and knit with a face stitch. After 9 cm = 18 p. loop close. 

Sew the seam along the patterned frame to the outer edge of the incision to enter the Harman, then direct its side of the front edge of the shelf and write. 

Strand the entrance to the pocket with a pincer 1 p. Connecting columns with yarn 1 to level the edge. 

In the second case to do the same. 

Run side seams and sleeve seams. To sew the needle. ‍ ‍‌

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