Fashionable Summer Cardigan

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Female cardigan knitted with knitting needles.

Cardigan knits with one piece, from top to bottom, without seams.

Designer: Amy Christoffers.

Dimensions of the finished cardigan:

Chest: 86 (94-102-110-118-127-135) cm,

Length: 69 (70-70,5-71-72-72-74) cm.

To tie a cardigan, we will prepare the materials:
You will need Indigo ™ by Berroco (95% cotton, 5% other fibers, length = 200m / 100g) 5 (6-6-7-8-8-9) skeins;

spokes 4 and 4.5 mm;

4 markers;

auxiliary yarn.

The density of knitting cardigan:
20 loops and 28 rows = 10x10 cm - facial smoothness with spokes of a larger size.

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