Floral Patterned Sleeveless Knitwear

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Size: 34/36 (38/40 in) 42/44 
You will need: yarn (100% Flax: M {50 g)-Zoo (350) 400 g 
Color. Flax and 100 g white: Spokes 3.5 and 4; Circular Spokes 3.5:5 Pugo C, Ecret diameter approx. 20 mm. 
Pattern 1: Facial surface 
Series-facial loops. Purls 
Series-purls loops. 
Pattern 2: Openwork thief (number of loops 
Multiple 4 + 1 + 2 Kromokri) = 
Knit honeycomb. Diagram 1. On it are given 
Facial rows. In Purl ranks 
The hinges and the 
Night. Start with chrome. and loops 
Before the Raport. The Raport 
Janno repeating, Finish loops 
After Raport and 1 chrome. Constantly 
Repeat 1 – 4-H series, 
Flower (on 31 loops) = Knit SOGL. 
Flower (31 loops) = Knit honeycomb. 
Diagram 2. On it are given facial ranks. 
In the purl rows of loops and 
Purl. Out of 2 
In a row of 1st 
Reverse. The 2nd 
Night crossed. Run 1 
Times 1 is the 32nd row. Attention: For 
The 1st size on the left side of the mountain- 
Traps highlighted by Grey loops 
At the end of the row and on the right side 
Armholes highlighted with grey loops 
At the beginning of the series replace 1 front. 
Pattern 3: Elastic band = series in direct 
and reverse direction (odd- 
Number of loops). The following: 
Chrome.. Alternately 1 purl, 
1 facial. 1 purl. Chrome. 
Iznanochnue Series: The Loops of the 
the drawing; Circular Series 
(even number of loops): Change- 
But 1 purl, 1 facial. 
Density of Knitting: patterns and 2- 
19 p. x 30 p. 10 x 10 cm. 
Backrest: Thread Flax on Spokes 4 
Dial 79 (87) 95 p, cross-image 
1.set and Knit pattern 1. 
Through 41 cm 124 series (42.5 cm 
128 series) 44 cm = 132 series from 
Initial row close for Armholes 
On both sides 1 x W p... Then in 
Each 4th row close B x 1 p. = 
61 (69) 77 p. Through 57.5 cm: 
172 Series (59.5 cm = 178 rows) 
61.5 cm 184 series from the initial 
For the neck of the medium 25 (27) 29 p, and both sides 
To finish separately. For rounded 
On the inner edge close the 
In each 2nd row in X p. Through 
64 cm 192 Series (66 cm 198 
68 cm = 204 series from the beginning of the 
Close the remaining Lo- 
32 (15) 18 p. Shoulders. 
Thread. Flax on Slitsy 4 
Dial 79 (87) 95 p. Cross Image- 
2.set and Knit pattern 
After 30 cm 90 rows (31.5 cm = 94 
33 cm = 98 rows from the beginning of the 
Left for the cut of the medium- 
And both sides finish the 
Separately 38 (42) 46 p. Breakfas 
Side of the neck. First 
Run the side 
Guilt (under 30.5 cm = 
92 Series (32 cm 96 rows) 33.5 cm 
100 series from the initial row 
Continue to work as follows 
Image: Chrome... 5 (5) 9 p. pattern 
2nd Sogl. 31 L. Flower (for 
The 1st size does not carry out the 
Dark-coloured scum in the 
End of the series, instead of the loops 
Knit facial), O (4) 4 p. pattern 
2nd Sogl. Pattern. Chrome. After 41 cm 
124 Series 128 series) 44 cm 
132 series from the initial row again 
2.knit on all loops pattern 
Simultaneously run the 
Right edge. As on the backrest = 29 
(33) 37 p. For the neck fillet 
Through 47.5 cm 142 series (49.5 cm = 
148 series) 51.5 cm 154 series from 
The start row close to the left 
Edge work x 5 (6) 7 p... Then in 
Each 2nd row close 2 x 3 p., 
x 2 P. and 4 x 1 p. At the height of the backrest 
Close the remaining 12 (15) 18 liters, 
Shoulder. Right side of neck 
Knit in mirror display, 
At the same time 38 (42) 46 p. Through 30.5 cm: 
92 Series (32 cm = 96 rows) 33.5 cm = 
100 series from the initial series of 
In the following way: 
Chrome.. 0 (4) 4 p, pattern 2 sogl. Pattern 
31 p. Flower (for the 1st size is not 
Perform the highlighted dark 
The color of the scale at the beginning of the 
One hundred of them to touch the loops of the obverse), 
5 (5) p. Pattern 2 Sogl. Pattern. Chrome 
Assembly: for White cut bar 
Thread on the Spokes 3.5 dial 
Left 3 L. Cut and from both 
Parties to add 1 p. = 5 p. 
Continue work pattern 3. Through 
17 (17.5) 18 cm from the beginning of knitting 
Pattern 3 Leave the hinges. from both 
Sides to sew the bar to the direct 
Edges of the front section. Perform 
Shoulder seams. For a running throat- 
Guilt translate on circular spokes 
Left 25 (27) 29 of the Backrest and 
5 p, cut strips, between them by 
On both sides of the neck 
White thread dial on 75 (79) 
83 p. And at all (190) 200 p. 
Knit Pattern 3 circular rows. 
Continue with pattern 3 of the plan- 
Section. The width of the strap 2 
CM Close all loops on the figure. 
Perform side seams. For the 
The white thread to collect the 
Edge of each armholes on the circular 
Spokes on 132 (136) 140 p. and knit 
Pattern with circular rows. When 
Width of the strap 2 cm close all 
Loops on the figure. To the section strap 
Sew Decorative Buttons with 
Equal intervals. 

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