Dress knitting with jacquard pattern

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Dress sizes: 36-38 (40-42) 44-46 (Europe) or 42-44 (46-48) 50-52 (Russia). 

We need knitting of the dress with needles: 

Cashmerino Dk yarn (50 grams 110 meters, merino wool 55%, acrylic (microfiber) 33%, cashmere 12%) - 400 gr. (400 gr.) 450 gr. ultramarine and 300 gr. (350 gr.) 350 gr. black color; 
Spokes straight 4 mm; 
4 mm circular needles (short). 
Knitting techniques for the dress: 

The front surface: the faces. ranks perform faces. loop., worn out. rows - worn out; in circular rows - facial hinges;
Jacquard pattern (16 pet. Wide): we perform according to the counting pattern of the faces. stitch, freely stretching nerab. thread worn out. side of the job. We start with pet. from the corresponding arrow, repeat. loop rapport, finish by drawing. Repeat from the first to the 16th row; 
We alternate patterns as follows: * 32 rows of jacquards. pattern, 16 p. people. smooth black yarn, 32 p. jacquard. pattern, 16 p. people. smooth ultramar. yarn and repeat from *; 
Striped pattern (face. Smooth): 10 row. black and 10 row. ultramar yarn alternately; 
Cloves: * one nakid, 2 loops. together faces. repeat from *. 
The density of knitting in the sample is 10 by 10 cm: the alternation of patterns - 22 loops and 26.5 rows, the striped pattern - 22 loops and 30 rows. Jacquard pattern: 32 rows - 13 cm.

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