Crochet Coat

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A unique, perfect, elegant coat crochet that has already managed to conquer the hearts of many masters.

Convex columns 
Convex and concave columns are called 
Also relief the first row of 
Populous simple Gtolbikzmi with Crochets, LLC- 
Nita work, Svizh • PT three air Lstli for 
Lifting. Sdelaj1s yarn, enter the hook for 
Roy's column with the crochets of the previous row 
(Fig. 24). When the column with Crochets finds- 
On top of the hook, grab the work thread, 
Pull the loop, tie the SP) Lbik as usual, 
Such Њlefnyj Stlbik with reverse Eloro • 
You will be like a concave column if 
In all rows perform only such relief- 
Oolbiki, the canvas from both sides will be 
Look the same 
Concave columns 
The first row svjazhigs simple bars 
With Crochets, podernite work, tie three 
Stuffy hinges for lifting. Slelajte yarn. 
Hook enter around Sgolbika with crochets pre 
DYDUCECHH) of a number in NAGLH • њlsnii, specified Sgrel • 
(Fig. 25), working thread and pull- 
Those loop on the wrong side of the work. 
The bar as usual. IR re. l • CF • 
Solbik with reverse sgorony will be 
Hozh on Convex 

At a way nrovjazyvanija a column with Nakiaom "for RABOTOI4" such column name Relefnyt-t iznanochnym or "vognutyt-t".

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