Set Top and shawl with sleeves in blue free pattern

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Size: 36/38 


You need: 200 g of blue denim and 50 g of dark blue and Palma blue yarn (100% cotton, 110 m / 50 g); straight and circular needles number 4; hook number 3; 1 button. 

Facial smoothness: persons. R. -persons n., izn. R. -iz. P.; in a circle. R. knit only persons. n. 

Pointed leaves (from 3 p. + 2 krom.): knit according to scheme 1, which shows only persons. R. In izn. p, loops and nakida knit izn. From 1st to 15th p. tie 1 time, performing additions according to the scheme. Then knit the 16th p. according to the instructions circle. R. in all corners of the leaves. 

Pattern with leaves, circle, r.: The number of loops is a multiple of 18. Knit according to the scheme 1 circle. R.

The diagram shows an odd circle. R. In even circle. R. all loops and nakida knit faces. Repeat the above loop rapport. From the 17th to the 52nd round. R. run 1 time. 

Zigzag pattern, circle, r.: The number of loops is a multiple of 16. 1st circle, r.: * Knit out 1 persons from a transverse thread. crosses., 6 faces., 1 double broach (see the legend), 6 faces, add 1 faces. cross., 1 person., repeat from *; 2nd round, p.: All loop knit faces. Repeat the 1st and 2nd round. R. 

The alternation of lanes: 4 circle. R. * dark blue, blue and denim thread, repeat from * 1 time, finish on 4 circle. R. dark blue and blue thread - 32 circle. R.

Openwork pattern, circle, r.: The number of loops is a multiple of 14. Knit according to pattern 2, which contains an odd circle. R. In even circle. R. all loops knit persons., 1st nakid - persons., 2nd nakid - persons. cross Repeat the loop of rapport and from the 1st to the 16th round. R. 

Openwork pattern, direct and inverse r .: knit like an openwork pattern in a circle, p., Only persons. R. perform as indicated in izn. R. all loops knit inside., 1st nakid - izn., 2nd nakid - izn. cross 

Special reductions: at the beginning of the river: Krom., 2 persons., 2 points, knit together persons .; at the end of the river: 1 broach (= 1 p. remove as faces., 1 person. and stretch it through the removed paragraph), 2 people, crome. 

Gum: an odd number of loops. Knit 1 person., 1 izn. alternately, 1 person. In izn. R. knit loops on the pattern.

Border: an odd number of loops. 1st p .: art. b / n, p. rotate with 1 rev. P.; 2nd p .: 1 tbsp. b / n, * 20 rev. Clause 1 of Art. b / n in the next Art. b / n previous r., repeat from *, turn from 1 up. P.; 3rd b.: Arches from the air. unscrew the loops before working down and hold with your thumb, then in every art. b / n previous r. bind 1 tbsp. b / n From the 1st to the 3rd p, execute 1 time. 

Knitting density Pointed leaves and leaves pattern: 20 p. And 28 p. / Circle. R. = 10 x 10 cm; zigzag pattern: 21 p. and 26 circle. R. = 10 x 10 cm; individuals. smooth surface and openwork pattern: 21 items and 27 p. / circle. R. = 10 x 10 cm. 

Attention! First perform separately peaked leaves. Then knit the top to the neckline with a single web circle, p., Back and finish before the straight and reverse p.

Performance of work: to connect 13 peaked leaves. To do this, dial denim thread 5 p. And knit according to scheme 1. After 15 p. put off 19 p. from the typesetting edge. Transfer alternately 13 pointed leaves to a circle, knitting needles and tie 1 circle on all 247 sections. R. denim thread faces. (considered as the 16th river. Pointed leaves), with the 1st chrome. Remove the 1st peaked sheet without knitting, as noted, after the loop removed, mark the beginning of the circle. R. a contrasting thread, then knit 12 adjacent chrome., as well as the last chrome. and 1st shot chrome. together individuals. = 234 p. Start a circle. R. = middle of the back. Next, knit a pattern with leaves of denim thread, starting from the 17th circle. R. Through 18.5 cm = 52 p. / Circle. R. from the typesetting edge, tie 3 cm = 8 circle, p. individuals. stitch denim thread, while in the 1st circle. R. knit for prilivaniya 13 times every 17th and 18th p. and in the 8th circle. R. 13 times every 16th and 17th paragraph together persons. = 208 p. (Diminutions are indicated on the pattern as a side bevel). After 12.5 cm = 32 circle. R. Knit a zigzag pattern, performing alternation of stripes. Make sure that the double broaches of the zigzag pattern are above the same broaches of the leaf pattern (from the 45th to the 52nd circle. P.). Then tie 2 cm = 6 circle. R. individuals. using a denim thread and, in order to continue pressing, evenly reduce 1 x 20 points in the 1st circle. R. and 1 x 20 n. in the 6th lap, p. = 168 p. Through 36 cm = 98 p. / Circle. R. from the dial edge work to continue the circle. R. denim thread lace pattern. After 6 cm = 16 circle. R. from the beginning of the openwork pattern, mark the 42nd and 43rd points for the lateral bevels, as well as the 126th and 127th points and before and after the marked pairs of loops, knit 1 persons. cross from broach = 172 p. Such additions to perform 3 more times in every 8th round, p. = 184 p.

Attention! Adding to the openwork pattern knit faces. satin stitch. Through 16.5 cm = 44 circle. R. From the openwork pattern, move the circle to the neckline. R. to the middle of the front. To do this, after the 90th n. Start anew, first knit 2 x 2 n. Together persons. and close, then on the remaining 182 p. continue to knit openwork pattern with straight and reverse p., 1st and last n. = chrome. The average 90 points fall on the back (note for a better view). At the same time, close from both sides of the loop separation on both sides for a bevel of the neckline of 5x1 section in each 2nd p. and 14 x 1 p. in each 4th p., performing special reductions. Through 18 cm = 48 p. / Circle. R. from an openwork pattern, knit for a backrest plank on a medium 90p. with a rubber band, while in the 1st p. reduce evenly 9 p. - 81 p. of the back.

The rest of the loop is knit like so far. After 20 cm = 54 circle, p. / P from the openwork pattern in the next. individuals. R. to knit the loops of the right side of the front and set them aside, then close 81 p. of the backrest very tightly according to the pattern. Next, knit on the remaining loops left front. For an armhole to close from the edge of the back, starting from the closed edge, 17x1 p. Alternately in each 2nd and 4th p., Performing special reductions. 

Attention! When between additions remain less than 14 p., Further knit persons. satin stitch. Through 58.5 cm = 158 circle, p. / P. from the openwork pattern to close the remaining 10 p. straps. The right side of the front is symmetrically tied, starting from 1 out. R.

Assembly: The inner edges of the straps and the neckline should be tied with a dark blue thread 3 r. rims. The upper part of the button sew on izn. the side at the end of the actually left part, the lower part - on the faces. side at the end of the right side. 


You need: 100 g of dark blue Elfin yarn (90% polyacryl, 10% mohair, 180 m / 50 g); straight needles number 7. 

Facial surface: persons. R. - persons. n., izn. R.-izn. p. 

Density of knitting, persons. smooth surface: 12 items and 16,5 r. = 10x10 cm. 

Attention! Knit across from sleeve to sleeve. Start with the left sleeve. Arrow on the pattern = knitting direction.

Performance of work: dial 32 points with a dark blue thread and knit persons. satin stitch. After 20.5 cm = 34 p. from the edge of the dial add on both sides for bevels sleeves 1 x 1 p., then 1 x 1 p. to the next. 16th p. = 36 p. Through 72.5 cm = 120 p. from the edge of the dial will be reached in the middle of the back. Detail finish symmetrically, performing instead of subtracting the addition. Through 145 cm = 240 p. close the remaining 32 p. from the typesetting edge. 

Assemble: perform the seams of the sleeves 44 cm from the typesetting and the edges of the closed loops. Free edges to tie 1 circle. R. Art. b / n In Art. b / n bind every 1.5 cm brush. For each brush, cut into 3 threads 25 cm long, fold them in half and tie with a hook. Brushes trim to a length of 10-12 cm.

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