Stylish Knitting Jacket

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An unusual little thing. Honestly, with all my experience, I did not quite understand how to combine the product itself and the pattern.

Somehow more or less clear with the first two pictures.

In the first case, the sleeves are on top.

In the second from below, and a large cloth is twisted by the "eight".

But the third picture (small) is absolutely incomprehensible. She denies the stitching of a large canvas.

If anyone has thoughts - share.

But the idea is not bad. At least the first two options. Look stylish.

FROM THE AUTHOR: "Awesome thing - a jacket-transformer on knitting needles. Having connected it, you will get 2 jackets at once - shorter and more authentic.

One size 
you will need: Bouton d'Or yarn: 19 coats of Cocoon (60% alpaca, 40% wool, 75 m / 50 g) blue (1152); knitting needles No. 6.5. 

* ... *: repeat the pattern between the asterisks, as many times. as indicated in the description, or to the end of the series, unless otherwise specified.
Hook: 1st r .: 1 chrome. n., * 2 persons. etc., 1 of them. P.*. finish 1 person. etc., 1 ct. P.; 2nd р .: 1 кром. etc., 1 of them. p. * 2 persons.p., 1 str. item *, end with 1 krome. Repeat from the 1st to the 2nd p. Knitting density: 18 p. And 20 p. = 10x10 cm. 

PROGRESS: consists of 2 parts. 

1st part: width 35 cm. Length: 138 cm. Dial 63 stitches, knit with a pattern in the hem. After 138 cm, close all the loops. 

The second part: width 43 cm, length 184 cm. Dial 83 items, knit a pattern in the hem. After 184 cm, close all the loops. Mark with color thread 64 pts in the middle. 
ASSEMBLY: Fold the first part in half. having received in height of 17.5 sm. From each party to execute a seam from C to D in length of 37 see Sew the remained 64 sm in a bottom on the center of 1-st part to the top of 2-nd part. Place AB in front of AB of the 2nd part and make a seam 32 cm long.

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