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Cut the T-shaped, it's easier than anywhere. The most tsimus-to calculate the loopy sample, taking into account the elastic band and the direction of knitting. Knitting transverse, from the beginning of one sleeve to the end of the second. For the Basque loopy the sample was calculated in a more tense state of the gum (i.e. the number of loops in 1cm at the beginning of knitting sleeves and the number of loops for the Basque-the values are different), because it is on the hips this thing is fixed, and should sit tightly, not to crawl. 

Two parts: front and back. Shoulder and lateral seams.
Arrow-the direction of knitting.

Determined the desired length of the sleeve (the width of the sleeve is almost equal to the length of the front/back), the width and depth of the cut "boat", the length of the Basque on the side. After the sleeve is connected, reached the loops for the Basque. Do not forget to tie the neck from the opposite side. The Basque is tied, these loops close, knit another sleeve, loops closed with a needle so both edges were the same and beautiful.

If the spokes, I would have made at the beginning of knitting an Italian set of loops and closed the same needle at the end.

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