Knitting Hat

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100 loops +2 chrome. Drawing on the basis of the back and front loops. The series began with 1 ref. (in order that the sewn seam was less noticeable, but still had to retreat a half-loop from the edge). The length of the cap from the beginning of knitting to the end of the crown is approximately 21.5 cm. You can do a little less.

This is how:

1 row: 1 purl, * 3 facial, 2 purl *, 3 facial, 2 purl and so on. 

2 rows (purl) - according to the figure.

3 row repeats the 1st.

4 row repeats the 2nd.

5 row: 1 out *, in front of the front loops from the second loop, but 4 rows down, pull out a long loop, put it on the right. knitting, then knit 3 facial and again pull out a long loop from the same loop as before, 2 purl *, then the same.

6 rows (purl) knit according to the drawing, elongated loops are not tied, but retouched.

7 row: 1 out, * an elongated loop is tied with the 1st facial, then one more facial and again elongated loop is tied together with the front (third), 2 purl * and so on.

8 row - according to the figure.

From the 9th row, the pattern is repeated from the 5th row.

Note: you will turn the loops around the picture, see for yourself where it is needed.

The decrease began at about 15-15.5 cm from the beginning of knitting. At first I cut the purl loops to one, then the facial ones (out of 3 made 2), and so on. Drawing tried to keep almost to the end of the cap. 


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