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Dimensions: 38/40 (P1), 42/44 (P2), 46/48 (RH), 50 / 52 (P4) 

You will need: Anny Blatt yarn: 4/5/6/7 skeins of Candy (60% cotton, 40% polyamide, 87 m / 50 g) gray-black (345); 2/2/3/3 Assouan hank (100% cotton, 110/50 g) white (050); 1 hank of Antique (72% viscose, 28% polyester, 46 m / 25 g) silver (016); 1 coil of Muguet (100% polyamide, 200 m / 50 g) black; Knitting needles number 4.5; 22/22/24/26 black soldering current; 22/22/24/26 black beads.

Patterns: kerchief, individuals. smooth surface, putanka rice (see p. 20), jacquard (see diagrams). 

The density of knitting, jacquard, knitting needles number 4.5: 20 p. And 30 p. = 10x10 cm. 

Before: dial 81/89/97/109 p. Antique and link 2 p. garter viscous. Then knit jacquard according to the scheme. 

Back: knit, as before, but in mirror image up to 94/96/100/102 p. Continue the confused Rice Candy. At the same time, form a raglan at a height of 30 cm, diminishing on each side in each 2nd p. for P1 1 x 2 p., 23 x 1 p., for P2 4 x 2 p., 21 x 1 p., for RZ 6x2 p., 21 x 1 p., for P4 11 x 2p. and 17x1 p. It will remain 39 p. At a height of 46/47/48/49 cm for the neckline close the middle 31 p., knit another 7 cm and close the remaining 4 p. on each shoulder.

Right sleeve: dial 64/70/76/82 p. Muguet and tie 2 p. garter viscous. Then knit jacquard, starting with 2/5/2 / 5th p. Scheme. After 4 p. knit a mess of candy rice. At a height of 2 cm to form a raglan, diminishing on each side in each 2nd p. for P1 1 x 2 p., 22 x 1 p., for P2 4 x 2 p., 19 x 1 p., for RZ 6 x 2 p., 18 x 1 p., for P4, 11 x 2 p., 11 x 1 p. Next add in each 2nd p. 1 x 4 p., 2x5 p. on the right, 2x 1 p. on the 

left . Left sleeve: knit in mirror image. 

Assembly: sew the sleeves to the front and back along the raglan lines, sew the straps back to the top of the sleeves and in front. Make the seams of the sleeves and side seams, leaving open cuts 6 cm long. At the edges of the cuts, dial 30 p. Antique, knit 2 p. garter stitch and close the loop. Sew sequins with beads (see diagram).

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