Cardigan Model Free Pattern

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Size: S-M 
You Need: Yarn "Olga" 
(500.6 Wool, 5096 Acrylic, 250 Mdoog)- 500 g 
Colors, Spokes 
N23, 5, 
Hook N23, 5. 
The basic pattern: knit According to the scheme 1, 
Openwork Pattern: Knit According to the scheme 2. 
Backrest: On the spokes N23, 5 dial 80 p. and 
The main pattern of the direct half- 
Without highlighting the armholes. At an altitude of 80 
CM from the beginning of knitting, close the central 
10 p. For neck and then knit 
Each part separately, closing the 
The trend of the side of the 1 p. E each second 
Row. At the height of the neck z cm, close the 
Remaining shoulder loops. The Other Side 
The neck is symmetrical. 
Polochka: On the Spokes Dial 45 p., Knit- 
Those basic pattern of a straight cloth, 
Without highlighting the armholes. At an altitude of 60 cm from 
The start of knitting, close the 
In the inner side of the 1 p. 
Each third row. At the height of the throat- 
Fault 23 cm close the remaining loops 
Shoulder. The other shelf, perform a SIM- 
The metric. 
Sleeves: Perform shoulder seams. On 
Take the edge of the Armholes 50 p. and knit 
The main pattern. After 10 cm for the 
The sleeves start to reduce the 
1 p. In each third row. 
After tying 45 cm, close the hinges. 
Assembly: Perform side seams and seams 
Sleeveless. Crochet Tie Front 
Edge and neckline 5 rows of art. b/N. 
On the bottom edge of the product, bring 10 
With an openwork pattern on the bottom edge of the 
5 cm. 

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