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Sizes: 36/38, 40/42 and 44/46 
You will need: 500 (600, 650) g ​​of purple Schachenmayr MERINO EXTRAFINE COTTON 120 yarn (50% wool, 50% cotton, 120 m / 50 g); Knitting needles number 5; circular needles number 5 with a length of 60 cm

Facial smoothness: persons. R. - persons. n., izn. R. - ex. P.; in circular rows all the loops are knit faces. 
Pattern "grid": an even number of loops. 
1st p. (face. side): Krom., * 2 p. together persons., nakid, repeat from *, Krom. 
2nd R.: Krom., * 2 p. Together izn., Nakid, repeat from *, krom. 
Repeat the 1st and 2nd p. 
Spit: knit by 34 p. According to a scheme in which only individuals are shown. r., in izn. R. knit loops on the pattern, knit knit izn. 
Repeat from the 1st to the 20th p. 
Knitting density Persons smooth surface and pattern "grid": 19-20 p. and 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm; spit: 34 n. = 11 cm in width. 
Back: dial 88 (96/104) n. And knit pattern "mesh". 
After 9 cm, continue to knit on all the loops of the faces. satin stitch.
After 41 (42/42) cm, reduce for the raglan line on both sides * in each 2nd p. 6 x 1 p. And after 4 p. 1 x 1 p., Repeat 2 times from * = 21 decrease, then in each 2nd p. 4 more (6/8) x 1 s. as follows: knit chrome at the beginning of the row. and 1 person., then execute a broach (= remove 1 item as persons., 1 person. and stretch it through the removed loop); knit up to the last 4 p. of a row, 2 p. together of persons., 1 persons 
After 60 (62/64) cm, close the remaining 38 (42/46) n. 
Before: start as back. 
After 9 cm, in the last izn. R. pattern “grid”, add evenly on the central 14 p. 12 p. = 100 (108/116) p. 
Then continue as follows: Krom., 32 (36/40) p. stitch, 34 p. braids, 32 (36/40) p. persons. stitch, chrome.
Through 41 (42/42) cm, perform raglan lines on both sides, as on the back. 
After 60 (62/64) cm, close the remaining 50 (54/58) sec., Uniformly tying 2 sec along individuals. throughout the central 26 p. 12 times. 
Sleeves: dial 56 (60/60) n. And knit pattern "mesh". 
After 10 cm, continue to knit pattern in out. p. as given. 
After 38 (39/34) cm, add for the bevels of the sleeves on both sides 1 x 1 p., Then in each 8th p. 3 (3/5) x 1 p. = 64 (68/72) p. 
After 49 (50/50) cm, perform raglan lines on both sides, as on the back. 
After 68 (70/72) cm, close the remaining 14 p. 
Assembly: perform raglan seams, then complete side seams and sleeve seams. 
The seam of the sleeves 10 cm to perform on the front side for the flap.
For the collar, dial 132 (140/148) section along the edge of the neckline into circular needles and knit 8 circular p. from 
In the 6th circular river. add 1 out. cross after every 4th p. 33 (35/37) times and 
in the 8th circular p. after every 5th p. 33 (35/37) times = 198 (210/222) p. 
Then divide the work in the center behind and knit with a “grid” pattern in straight and 
back rows. 
Run pattern with ip. parties so that individuals. the side of the pattern was outside when the collar was turned away. 
Through 26 cm close all loops. 
Run the seam collar back.

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