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A loose, spacious pullover is connected with a continuous pattern of rhombuses, and bulk cotton yarn with synthetics guarantee comfort and coziness even on cool days. 

Sizes: 34/36 (42/44)  
You will need: yarn (50% cotton, 50% polyacryl; 65 m / 50 g) - 900 (1000) g beige, knitting needles No. 5 and 6; circular needles number 5.

Pattern 1: (needles number 5) gum (the number of loops is a multiple of 4 + 2 + 2 edge). Each row start and finish 1 edge. 

Facial rows: * 2 facial, 2 purl, from * constantly repeat, finish with 2 facial: purl rows: knit loops according to the pattern. 

Pattern 2: (needles number 6) relief pattern (the number of loops is a multiple of 10 + 9 + 2 edging) = knit acc. pattern. On it are given the facial and purl rows. Start with 1 edge and loops before rapport, repeat repeat constantly, finish with loops after rapport and 1 edge. Constantly repeat the 1-16th rows. 

Knitting density: 22.5 p. X 26 p. = 10 x 10 cm

Back: type 100 (120) loops on the spokes and tie 2 cm with pattern for the strap 1. Continue work with pattern 2. while in the 1st row, evenly distribute, add 11 s. = 111 (131) s. Through 52.5 cm = 136 rows from the strip, close all the loops, while the average 41 s. forms a neck, the outer 35 (45) s - shoulders. 

Before: knit like a back, but for a V-shaped neck, 34 cm = 88 rows from the plank (= after the 8th row of the pattern), tie 2 loops from the middle loop (see arrow above the diagram) and divide the work between these loops = 56 (66) loops on each half. 

For decreasing the neck in the right half of the front, continue to work as follows: start with the 1st edge, then knit the schemes highlighted with gray loops, but do not do crossings in the 15th and 7th rows of the scheme; m number 21 x 2 p. together co. patterned. At the height of the back close the remaining 35 (45) n. Shoulder. Left half finish in mirror image. 

Sleeves: type on the spokes for each sleeve 64 (72) loops and tie 2 cm with pattern 1 for the strap. Continue working with pattern 2, while evenly distributing in the 1st row, add 7 (9) paragraph = 71 (81 ) n. After 40 cm = 104 rows from the plank, close all the loops. 

Assembly: perform shoulder seams. 
For the strap, dial the 111 loops on the circular needles along the edge of the neck and knit with pattern 1 (alternately 2 front, 2 back), and in the corner of the neck before knit 1 front and on both sides of it 2 back (1 front loop and 1 back) sides form 3 middle loops). 

To give shape to each of the 2nd circular rows, knit these three middle loops together as follows: Remove 2 loops together as facial ones, 1 face them, then stretch them through the removed loops. With a width of 2 cm, close all loops, as the front. Sew the sleeves, complete the side seams and the seams of the sleeves.


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