Red Knitted Dress Free Pattern

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34/36 (38/40 in)

You will need

Yarn 1 (50% merino sheep wool, 50% Polyacryl; 80 m/50 g) – 700 (800) G red; 
Yarn 2 (80% kid-moker, 20% polyamide; 100 m/25 g) – 25 g red; Circular spokes № 5.5; Hook № 6.

Patterns and diagrams
Facial surface

Facial Rows-facial loops, purls rows-purls loops.

Platinum Binding
Facial and Purls rows-facial loops.

Zigzag pattern A on 33 hinges
Knit by scheme. On the scheme are given only facial ranks, in the purl rows of all loops and scum tie purl. 

in height to execute 1 times 1-16-th series, then constantly to repeat 7-16-th series. 

Zigzag pattern in on 17 loops
Knit as zigzag pattern a, but according to the scheme from Arrow a to Arrow B. 

The hinges on the grey substrate in the 5th and 15th rows are replaced by 2 loops, which are put together by the front.

Shortened rows
The front row to the specified place, work to turn, on the right spoke to make 1 scum, to seamy a shortened range according to the figure. The next front row is to touch on the figure, with the scum to touch together with the next loop, so that the finished product does not appear holes.

Big Flower
Double Thread (= 1 woolen and 1 mohair thread) to perform a chain of 5 VP, 1 soed. Art. Connect to the ring. * 20 v. P., 1 art. c/n Ring of VP, 20 VP, 1st. S/N, 15 VP, 1 art. S/N, 15 VP, 1 art. c/N, from * Projazit 1 time, finish 1 nozzle. Art. In the 1st art. c/N. 

For the center of the flower to perform a chain of 8 VP and in each VP Projazit 3 art. c/N. Sew in the center of the flower.

Just tie three flowers.

In 2 strands, like a flower, perform a chain of 15 or 10 VP and in each VP Projazit 3 art. c/N.

There are two parts to associate.

Average density of knitting
13 p. x 23 R. = 10 x 10 cm.

The parts are knit across from one to the other side seam.


Work execution
Front Yoke

Wool thread to dial 37 loops and distribute them as follows: 1 edge, 18 p. Platelkoj, 17 p. Zigzag pattern B, 1 edge. 

Thus for giving the detail of a form to knit shortened rows, for what in each 2nd Lyceum and vixen a row to tie only p. Platelki knitting and, as it is described above, to rotate knitting. In other ranks to tie all the N.

Through 166 (186) rows of zigzag pattern finish the detail

Backrest Yoke
Knit as a yoke of the front. 

Perform shoulder seams.

Before performing seams to try the yoke and if necessary to make shorter or longer!

Wool thread to dial 114 p. and distribute them as follows: 1 Kromoobraznogo, 17 p. Zigzag pattern B, 14 p. Front surface, 33 p. Zigzag pattern A, * 15 p. Front surface, 33 p. Zigzag pattern A *, 1 Kromoobraznogo.

For the Pritaliya from * to * perform shortened rows. 

For this purpose in each 2nd Lyceum and vixen a number to tie only p. Obverse surface and to turn knitting as it is described above. 

After 60 cm = 138 rows (64 cm = 148 rows) from the inlaid series close all loops.

Knit like a backrest.


Perform side seams.

Before and back sew to the yoke, combining the lines of the middle, the external 16 (17) p. Yoke on both sides form armholes.

The colors are sewn on before the dress, as shown in the model photo, or arbitrarily.

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