Crochet Fishnet Dress Free Pattern

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Size: 44/46 

You will need to 

800 R pistachio Yarn (57% viscose, 43% cotton, 100 R/430 m); Hook № 2; Circular Spokes № 2; 4 cm long, 70 cm thick band. 
Pattern according to the scheme, art. Without a scale, a facial surface. 
Density of knitting 
2 Pann. and 12 p. = 10 x 10 cm, is linked by pattern. 

Attention! Note that the same pattern is drawn after steaming and is stretched to a length of 12-15 cm. 
Back link chain of 187 N. + 1 AD N. Nyoema and Knit pattern no scheme. After tying the 94 series from the beginning of work, finish the job. Before you knit like a backrest. Having bound 86 rows from the beginning, for a cut of a neck leave the non-viscous 1 average raport and knit both halves separately, leaving non-processed for rounding of a cut of a gornovina in each 2nd row 3 times no 1/2 raport. After cutting 8 rows from the beginning of the neck cut, finish the work. 
Left sleeve tie a chain of 136 uid. "· + 1 AD. "· and knit the pattern. After tying the 54 series from the beginning, finish the job. Right sleeve knit like a peet. Assemble follow the shoulder seams. Sew the sleeves. Follow the side seams and seams of the sleeves. Neck neckline, bottom of tunic and sleeves tie 3 rows of art. Without the scum. 
Half trousers tie a chain of 153. N. + 1 AD N. Nyoema and Knit pattern no scheme. Having failed 90 rows from the beginning, on the left side leave the 1 rapport, with the Lranoy-1/2 of the Raport. After tying 120 rows from the beginning, finish the job. The second is the mirror.

Pattern Here :

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