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Size: S / M (L - XL)

Instructions for sizes L and XL are given in brackets.

If only one number is specified, it applies to all three sizes. 

You will need:

About 1000 (1050 - 1100) g of yarn (raw silk) color No. 9 of the type "Alta Moda Super Baby" from Lana Grossa (67% wool, 30% baby alpaca, 3% polyamide; about 60 m / 50 g); straight needles No. 8 and 9, circular needles No. 9 with a length of 40 cm.

Gum: 2 facial, 2 purl.

Out smooth surface: individuals. R. - ex. n., izn. R. - persons. P.

Garter band in a circle. rows: alternately 1 circle. a row - persons. n., 1 krug.ryad - izn. P.

Pattern "Aran" A for the back and front: knit according to scheme A. 

The numbers on the right side indicate the front rows. 

In izn. R. individuals. to knit persons., izn. n. - izn. 

The letter "a" denotes the penultimate row of the edge of the gum. 

Knit once from the 1st to the 22nd row, then knit horizontal and vertical rapport, as shown in the gray areas.

Pattern "Aran" B for the sleeve:

Knit the same as the pattern "Aran" A, but according to the scheme B. 

Rapport is shown between single arrows. 

Knit 1 x from the 1st to the 12th p., Then constantly repeat from the 3rd to the 12th rows.

Knitting density:

pattern "Aran" A and B on the needles No. 9: 15 p. x 17 p. = 10 x 10 cm 

from stitch on the needles number 9: 10.5 p. x 17 p. = 10 x 10 cm


The needles number 8 dial 62 (68 - 74) p. 

For a strap, knit 7 cm (= 12 rows) with an elastic band, knitting the first row as follows: 1 person. n. (chrome. n.), 1 out. p. (2 persons. p. - 1 persons. p.), continue with an eraser and finish 1 out. p. (2 persons. p. - 1 persons. p.), 1 persons. P. (Krom. P.). 

After the gum go to the needles No. 9 and knit a trace. way: 6 (9 - 12) p. izn. stitch, 50 p. pattern "Aran" A, knitting loops between the arrows a and d; simultaneously in the first row add 16 p., as shown in the diagram = 66 p; 6 (9 - 12) p. satin stitch. 

After the first row only 78 (84 - 90) p. 

In such a distribution, tie 45 cm = 76 rows above the bar. 

For armhole sleeves close the trace at the beginning. 2 p. 4 p. = 70 (76 - 82) p.

Knit straight until armhole reaches 19 (20 - 21) cm = 32 (34 - 36) rows. 

To form the shoulder close 4 (7 - 7) n. At the beginning of the trace. 2 p., 6 (6 - 7) n. At the beginning of the trace. 6 p., Then close the remaining 26 points for the neck of the back.


Knit like a back, but when the armhole of the sleeve is 16 (17 - 18) cm = 28 (30 - 32) p., The neckline is knit. way: close the middle 12 points and then knit each part separately, closing on each side of the neck 3 x 2 points and 1 x 1 point.  

When the length will be like on the back to the shoulders, complete the formation of the shoulders, as on the back.


On the needles number 8 dial 34 p. 

For a strap, knit 8 cm (= 14 rows) with a rubber band, knitting the first row as follows: 1 person. n. (chrome. n.), 1 out. n. * 2 persons. n., 2 out. P.; repeat from *, finish 1 out. p., 1 person. P. (Krom. P.). 

After the elastic, go to the needles No. 9 and knit with the pattern "aran" B, adding 6 points in the first row of the trace. way: 1 person. p. (chrome. p.), 18 p. from the first double arrow to the second arrow, 2 p. 18, from the first arrow to the second double arrow, 1 persons. p. (chrome. p.) = 40 p. 

For lateral expansion add 1 p. On both sides in the 7th p. from the bar, then in every 8th row 7 (5 - 2) times and in every 6th 0 (3 - 7) times = 56 (58 - 60) p. 

The first 4 added loops are to be included in the “aran” pattern, and the remaining loops are in izn. smooth surface

Through 38 cm = 66 p. from the strip, place on each side of the row along the marker and tie another 4 cm = 6 rows.  

Hinges close.


Run the WTO to the required size. 

Perform shoulder seams. 

Sew the top of the sleeve to the armhole in front and back, sew the last 4 cm above the markers to the closed loop of the armhole. 

On circular needles No. 9, along the neckline, evenly lift 55 points and join the work into a circle. 

For a turtleneck collar, knit 28 cm in circular rows of garter stitch, then freely close the loops.

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