Crochet Top Free Pattern

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Size: 38
You will need: "Irina" yarn (66% cotton, 34% viscose, 334 m/100 g)-500 g blue, 100 g blue, spokes № 1.5, Hook № 2.

Facial surface: Faces. Ranks of persons. P., Izn, Series-Izn. P.

Gum 1 × 1: Alternately 1 persons. N., 1 N. P.

Density of Knitting: 23 P. x 33 Series = 10 x 10 cm.

Back: Dial on the spokes of Blue Yarn 110 p. Knit 2 rows of elastic band. Then Knit 50 cm = 164 of a number of persons. Surface. For the pritalisation, reduce from both sides 5 times x 1 p. in each 9th row = 40 rows. Then Knit 66 Rows-20 cm straight. Then, for the armholes, close the 5 p on both sides.

Then reduce 12 times x 1 p. in each person. Series (total of 24 rows). Then Knit 7 cm = 24 rows straight. Then, to cut the neck, close the central 36 p. And each side knit separately. To cut the cut, close the inner edge 8 times x 1 p. in each person. Row. Close the remaining shoulder loops. The Second side is finished similarly.

Before: Knit similar to the backrest to the waist. Then Lay 36 rows = 11 cm straight and close the loops. Follow the side seams. Tie the bottom of the dress crochet as follows: 1 row-art. b/N, 7 rows-pattern. Then knit the Yoke with the pattern. The Yoke is knitted from top to bottom in accordance with the pattern.

Assembly: Attach the ready yoke to the base of the front so that the blue part is flying, that is superimposed on top of the canvas, the associated faces. Surface. Tie the top edge of the dress and armbands with 2 rows of art. b/N and 1 next to the "race step". Tie the cords-ties of blue and blue yarn, sew to the back of the yoke, tie.

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