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An extended cardigan with a turn-down collar  
and a wonderful filigree pattern will undoubtedly  
decorate your spring-summer wardrobe

Dimensions: S / M (L / XL) XXL 
The width of the product according to the girth of the chest: 112 (126) 140 cm.  
Length: 74 (74) 74 cm.  
You will need:  17 (18) 19 coils of light beige yarn (53% cotton, 33% viscose, 14% flax, 50 g / 110 m); hooks No. 2.5, 3 and 3.5; 4 buttons with a diameter of 28 mm. The technique of knitting. Lace pattern: the number of loops is multiples of 14 + 1 st. Knit in Schemes 1 and 2. Knit density,  lace pattern crochet No. 3: 1 Repeat for width x 1 Height adjustment = Approx.  7 x 13 cm.  DESCRIPTION OF WORK Backrest / shelf:


 crochet № 3,5 to execute the initial chain of 225 (253) 281 air. etc., turn with 1 air.lifting and knit for 1 tbsp. b / n in every air. n. = 225 (253) 281 tbsp. b / n (= 1 st р of the scheme). Continue the work according to the scheme 1 = only 17 (19) 21 rapports. When the length of the part is approximately 38 cm, divide the loops into the back and shelves.

Back:  knit on medium loops = 0.5, 7, 0.5 (9) 0.5, 9, 0.5 rapports. In the middle make a mark and knit to the armhole straight = about 36 cm from the mark, finish 1 row air. etc. and art. b / n, which are tied according to the pattern and combined with the pattern so that there are only 14 of the air. etc. in each rapport. 
Shelves:  knit on the remaining hinges on both sides = 0.5, 4 (5) 0.5, 5 rapports.Run the shelves of the same length as the backrest, finish the same way as the backrest, but only on the outer hinges = 0.5, 2 (3) 0.5, 3 rapports, on the remaining 2 rapports, knit the collar further. 
Sleeve: crochet № 3,5 to execute the initial chain of 141 (141) 141 air. etc., and knit with a lace pattern according to the scheme 2 for sleeves (with discounts), while there are no 4 rapports left in the work. Then knit straight another 4 rapports in height and finish the job. 
Assembly:  perform shoulder seams in external sections of 0.5, 2 (3), 0.5, 3 rapports in length. Execute the side seams, leaving the upper sections for armholes with a length of 36-37 cm. Complete the seams of the sleeves. Sew up sleeves. 
Collar:  knit on the loops of the shelves and backrest according to the pattern, while adding 1 rapport = evenly add 14 p. When the length of the collar is approximately 12 cm, finish the work just like on the back. 
Strapping edges: edge the product tie a crochet - first hook No. 3 to perform 1 row of Art. b / n (the edge should not stretch and be too loose!), then go to hook No. 2.5 and perform 1 row with "stepping step" (= item b / n to perform from left to right).Attach the buttons to the left shelf. Use holes in the lace pattern as the holes for the buttons.

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