Nice Pullover Free Pattern

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Patterned pullover 
Dimensions 38/40 (42/44) 46148 
You need: 550 (600) 550 g 
Lilac yarn amalf ' (70% cotton. 
159 "viscose, flax. 5% silk. 
100 W50 g); Straight Spokes 3.5 and 
4: Circular Spokes 3.5, 
Rubber Band Spokes 3.5: alternately 
1 persons, 1 AZN. 
When Pribavlenijah and Ubavlenijah for 
Both of the following patterns follow 
Nakidav the number of 
Subcontractors the number of 
Pattern of diamonds. Spokes to • 3.5: Number of 
Loops a multiple of 10 + + 2 chrome. Knit 
According to scheme 1. On which are given 
Only persons. R., in IPMs. R. All loops and 
Nakidy knit AZN. Starting with chrome. 
and loops before Rapportom. Repeat 
Rapport. Finishing loops after 
Rapport and Chrome. Link 1 time to 
1st to 30th P. 
Pattern n zigzags, Spshhy N. 4: Number of 
Loops is a multiple of 20 • 11 + 2 chrome. 
Knit on scheme 2. where the Prive 
Advantageswould persons. R. and partly Yoon. R.. in Neo- 
Boznachennyh IPMs. R. Hinge Knit By 
Drawing. Nakidy Knit IPMs, start 
with 1 chrome. and loops before Rappor- 
Tom, repeat rapport, finish 
Loops after rapport and crowns. 
Link times from 1st to 34 p, 
Alternation sequence 
Patterns: Alternating 30 patterns of 
Diamonds on the Spokes 3.5 and 34 R. Pattern 
From Zigzag on spokes 4. 
Density of Knitting: 20 p. and 28 p. 10 
X 10 cm. 
Backrest: Dial RS (103) 113 p. and 
Tie between chrome, 4 cm rubber band. 
At the same time in the last IPMs. R-All 
Hinges to knit IPMs, then knit in 
Specified sequence, when 
This for the size of the 42/44 pattern of the zig- 
Zagov starting with 1 chrome. and loops 
From arrow A, Knit 5 adapted, 
Finishing 1 Chrome. Through 43 cm 
120 R. From gum Close for armholes 
On both sides of the p. and in each 2-th. 
2 x 2 of x 1 p. 73 (83) 93 L. Via 
60 cm 168 R. (62 cm: R.) B4SM: 
180 R. From gum Close for cutout 
Throats average 23 (25) 27 p. and both 
sides to finish separately. For 
Rounding close with internal 
Edges in each 2-th R. 1 x z 2x2 p. 
Res 63 cm = 176 R. (65 cm = 182 R.) 
67 cm = 188 R. From Gum Close 
The remaining 18 (22) 26 p. Shoulders with 
Each side. 
Before: Knit the same way. But for more 
Deep Cut neck close 
Through 51 cm = 142 R. (53 cm = 148 R.) 
55 cm = 154 R. From Gum medium 15 
(17) 19 p. And from the inner edge of the 
House 2-M R. 1 x 3, 3x2 and 2x1 L. 
Sleeves: Dial 45 (49) 53 L. 
Ty between Chrome. 4 cm Rubber Band. 
The last IPMs. R. All 
Hinges to knit IPMs. And at the same 
Evenly add 12 p. 57 
(61) 65 p. Then knit in the specified 
Sequence. Distributing 
Patterns from the middle. At the same time 
Gum Add to bevels sleeves 
On both sides in each 12-th R. 8 x 
(in each 10-th R. 10 x) in each 8-th 
R. 12 x 1 P. 
73 (81) 89 p.. Including 
Additions p. In the pattern. Through 43 cm 
120 R. From gum Close for okata 
Sleeves on both sides of the p. and in each 
2-D. 2 (6) 10h2i22 (18) 14h1 p. 
Through 60.5 cm 170 p, from gum 
Close the remaining 15 p. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. On 
The neck is dialed on a circular 
Spokes 96 (100) 104 p. and knit 
Rubber strap. At the height of the plank 
3 cm all loops close on the picture, 
Lining sleeves, perform lateral 
Seams and seams of sleeves. 

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