Free Neck Pullover Free Pattern

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You will need to
Yarn (55% cotton, 35% Modala, 10% Viscose; 135 m/50 g)-400 g. Powder Spokes № 4 and 4.5; Circular Spokes № 4 and 4.5.

Patterns and diagrams

Circular Series (Number of loops multiple 6). Alternately 3 Purls, 3 facial. Series in the forward and reverse direction (number of loops multiple 6 + 2 kromokno).

Facial ranges: Kromokno, alternately 3 Purls, 3 Facial, Finish 1 kromoskno.

Purls rows: Tie loops on the figure.

Openwork pattern with "knobs"
Circular Series (Number of loops multiple 30). Knit SOGL. Schema. It is given An odd circular series. In even circular rows of loops to tie on A drawing or SOGL. Instructions, the scale to tie the facial. Raport is constantly repeating. Attention: In the 15th, 19th and 23rd series The Rapport shifts to 1 loop forward, for this at the beginning of the circular series The last loop of the previous circular series is included in the next circular row. Constantly repeating the 1st-24th Circular Series.

Series in the forward and reverse direction: also knit SOGL. Schema. On it are given facial ranks. In the purl rows of loops to tie on the figure or SOGL. Instructions, facial crossed tying purl crossed, the scum of the tie purl. To Distribute loops, see In the instructions. When performing increments and decreases, make sure that the number of the scale and the loops along the edge coincide. Constantly repeating the 1st-24th series.

Density of Knitting
20 p. x 24 circle. R./r. = 10 x 10 cm.

Before and back to the Armi knit a single cloth circular rows.

Doing the work

Front and back
On Circular Spokes № 4 to dial 180 loops, close in a ring and for a lath to tie 10 sm a rubber band.

Continue working on the spokes № 4.5 in a openwork pattern with "knobs" circular rows.

After 32.5 cm = 78 rows from the Lath divide the work for the armholes in the middle and leave the last 90 p. For the front.

Then first on the first 90 loops continue work for the backrest Sogl. The row in the forward and backward direction, while simultaneously close for the Reglannogo bevel on the right edge of 1 x 3 p. and on the left edge of 1 x 2 p. and continue the pattern, while ensuring that the number of scale and the combined loops together coincide. These various Ubavki serve for symmetry at knitting in rows in a forward and opposite direction.

For further Reglannogo bevel close on both sides in each 2nd row 14 x 1 p.

After 45 cm = 108 rows from the lath to close for the Reglannogo bevel on both sides of 1 x 1 p. and the remaining 55 p. Leave for the neck.

Then dial on the spokes left 90 loops for front and knit similarly, but with a deeper neck. For this purpose through 41 cm = 98 rows from the plank close the average 33 p. and both sides to finish separately.

For rounding on the inner edge close in each 2nd row 2 x 3 p., 1 x 2 p. and 1 x 1 p. At the height of the backrest to close the remaining 2 p., with the inner loop refers to the neck, the outer-to the Reglansku.

To Dial on spokes № 4 for each sleeve on 50 loops and for a lath to tie 10 sm an elastic band, thus in the last Vixen row, evenly distributed, to add 3 p. = 53, 5 p.

Continue working on the spokes № 4.5 in a fishnet pattern with "knobs", with a start with 1 crown and loops from the arrow A, to perform the Rapport once, to finish the loops to the arrow B and 1 kromochevnym.

At the Same time add to the bevel sleeves on both sides in each 16th row of the bar 5 x 1 p. sogl. Pattern = 63 P.

After 37.5 cm = 90 rows from the strap close for the Reglanny bevel on both sides 1 x 2 p., then in each 2nd row close 14 x 1 p.

After 50 cm = 120 rows from the plank to close on both sides of 1 x 1 p. and the remaining 29 p. leave.

Perform the seams of the Reglan.

For a lath to dial on circular spokes on the edge of a neck of a forward 49 of loops, then to dial left 29 loops of the 1st sleeve, 55 loops of a back and 29 loops of the 2nd sleeve = 162 p. Continue to work with rubber band in circular rows, while in the 1st circular row on the hinges of sleeves and The back loops, evenly distributing, reduce on 6 p. = 144, 5 p. At width of a lath 9 SM to close all loops on drawing.

Carry out side seams and seams of sleeves.

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