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38/40 (42/44) 46/48

You will need to
Yarn (100% natural wool; 80 m/50 g)-800 (850) 900 g. Powder Spokes № 7; Circular Spokes № 6.

Patterns and diagrams

Sweater knit on the spokes № 7; Collar-on circular spokes № 6.

Double Crown
Purls rows: The first and last 2 p. Take off as Purls, thus the thread to stretch before loops.

Facial ranks: The first and last 2 p. Projazat Facial.

Semi-Patent pattern
Series in forward and reverse direction (odd number of loops).

1st row (= Seamy series): Between the double-cut all loops tie the obverse.

2nd row (= Front row): Double Edge, * 1 purl, 1 p. From the bottom row (= 1 obverse, thus to enter the spokes on 1 row below), from * constantly repeating, to finish 1 reverse and double edge. Constantly repeating the 1st and 2nd rows.

Circular Series (even number of loops).

1st Circular series: Purls loops.

2nd Circular Row: * Alternately 1 P. From the bottom row, 1 purl.

Underlined Ubcaps (2 loops)
At the beginning of the series = double-cut, 1 purl, 3 p. Projazat together the obverse;
At the end of the series = Knit to the last 6 p., then 3 p. Projazit together with twisting (= 3 p. Alternately take off, as facial, return to the left spoke and Projazit together facial crossed), 1 purl, double Kromochno.

Underlined increments (2 loops)
From 1 P. Vyknit 3 p. (= 1 purl, 1 scum, 1 purl); In the Vixen series of loops and the scale of the face and, starting with the next facial series, include loops in the semi-patent pattern.

Density of Knitting
15 p. x 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm.

In the semi-patent pattern in the facial scars on the front side in the knitted cloth is visible only every 2nd row.

Doing the work

To Dial on Spokes 83 (91) 99 p. and to knit a semi-patent pattern, thus to start with 1 Iznanochnogo of a row.

For the diagonal arrangement of the pattern on both sides through 3.5 cm = 11 rows from the initial row to execute the decrease and increase as follows: To start with 1 underlined Ubavka, executed on 6 p., then 20 (22) 26 p. A semi-patent pattern, 1 underlined increase, 29 ( 33) 33 p. Semi-patent pattern, 1 underlined increase, 20 (22) 26 p. Semi-Patent pattern, finish 1 underlined by a decrease of 6 p.; And the increments balance each other, the number of loops remains unchanged.

Ubavki and increases with a similar distribution of loops repeat another 11 (12) 12 times in each 12th row.

At the expense of a diagonal direction of knitting the rounded bottom edge and humeral Skussa is formed. They are shown on a pattern, sizes thus are received at measurement of the finished model.

Through 52.5 cm = 157 rows (54.5 cm = 163 series) 56.5 cm = 169 rows from the initial row (measured in the middle) on both sides to close on 27 (29) 33 p. For the shoulders and leave the average 29 (33) 33 p. For the collar, collar loops begin and end with 1 facial scar half-pat Pattern.

Knit like a backrest.

To Dial on spokes for each sleeve on 33 (33) 37 p. And to knit a semi-patent pattern with double kromovyi, thus to start with 1 Iznanochnogo of a row.

Through 17.5 cm = 53 series (13.5 cm = 41 series) 9.5 cm = 29 rows from the initial row to perform for bevel sleeves on both sides of the average 7 p. to 1 underlined increase = 37 (37) 41 p. These Additions repeat another 4 (5) 6 times in each 12th row = 53 (57) 65 p.

After 41 cm = 123 series from the initial row close all loops sogl. Pattern.

Perform shoulder seams.

For the collar to translate on circular spokes left on 29 (33) 33 p. Collar on a back and forward, thus at shoulders to add on 1 p. that the pattern coincided. Then, starting with the 1st added hinge of the shoulder, knit on 60 (68) 68 p. Semi-patent pattern.

After 7.5 cm = 22 circular rows from the beginning of knitting collar close loops in the form of a cord: a sweater to remove (reverse side outward), working thread at the left spokes.

On the left speaker Dial 3 new loops.

Then * 2 p. Projazat Facial, 3rd p. Projazit with the next loop collar together face crossed, these 3 p. Right spokes return to the left spoke and from * constantly repeating, until there will be only 3 p. These 3 p. Sew with the initial edge of the new set.

Sew sleeves, to execute lateral seams and seams of sleeves, thus to capture in a seam only an external loop of double Kromovy accordingly.

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