Pullover fantasy free pattern

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Size: 38/40. 
You will need: 
400 g of Kamtex Meringo yarn (70% merino wool, 30% acrylic; 300 m / 100 g) brown; circular needles number 2. 
Wrong smooth surface: persons. R. - izn. n., izn. R. - persons. n. 
Fantasy pattern 1 and 2: 
knit according to schemes No. 1 and 2, in which only persons are shown. R. 
In izn. R. knit loops on the pattern, nakida - izn. or as indicated. 
knit according to scheme 3, which shows only individuals. R. 
In izn. R. all loops knit by pattern or as indicated. 
Knitting density: 26.5 p. X 36 p. = 10 x 10 cm
Solid knitted back and front: knit bottom up and start from the side. 
The lines of the sides are indicated by arrows in the diagram. 
On circular knitting needles, dial 234 s. Close in a circle and knit 10 rows with an elastic band. 
Next, knit 120 rows of fantasy pattern = just 6 vertical rapporotes. 
To form a line in the 130th row from the beginning of work, close on both sides of the line of the sides by 7 p. = 206 p. 
Back (on the needles = 103 p.): 
Knit 60 rows with a fantasy pattern = only 3 vertical patterns. 
In the 191st row from the beginning of work all loops to close. 
Before (on the needles = 103 p.): 
Knit 60 rows with a fancy pattern = just 3 vertical rappings.
For the neckline in the 133rd row from the set, close the average 19 points and on either side of them in each 2nd row 2 times 1 point = 40 points. 
In the 191st row from the set close the remaining 40 points. shoulder. 
Right sleeve: 
Run shoulder seam. 
Along the armhole line, lift 89 points and distribute the loops as follows: 1 chrome. Sec., 17 Sec. smooth surface, 14 points of a fantasy pattern 2, 25 points of a fantasy pattern 1, 14 points of a fantasy pattern 2, 17 points of Iz. smooth, 1 crome. n. 
In such a distribution, link 40 rows. 
To narrow the sleeves in the 41st row from the beginning of work, close on both sides 1 p., Then in each 6th row 13 times on 1 p. = 61 p. 
From the 121st row from the start of work, tie 10 r. rubber band and then loop close. 
Left sleeve: knit, like right sleeve.
Assembling the details of the pullover: 
Run the seams of the sleeves. 
On the neckline of the circular needles, raise 126 p. And knit 6 rows with an elastic band, then close all the loops.

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