Sweet Baby Cardigan Free Pattern

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Double-breasted Paltishko 
Size: 3/6/12/24 months 
You will need: 200/250/300/350 g red (art. 299.471) yarn Bergere de France Alaska (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 55 m/50 g); Spokes № 5.5; Four buttons. 
Platelka mating: Facial and Purls rows – facial loops. 
Facial Surface: Facial loops, purls rows – purls loops. 
Density of knitting: persons. Surface: 15 p. and 20 P. = 10 x 10 cm, Platelka knitting, spokes № 5.5:15 p. and 28 P. = 10 x 10 cm. 
Knit a single cloth, starting with the right shelf. 
Right shelf: On the Spokes № 5.5 dial 26/28/30/33 p. Tie 3 cm = 8 p. Platelkoj, noting the faces. Side of the canvas. Next knit faces. Surface. After 13/15/17/20 cm = 27/31/35/41 p. For the sleeve dial on the left 26/29/33/37 p. = 52/57/63/70 p. Link 3 p. platelkoj, then 1 p. as follows: 1 persons., 2 p. Together persons., 1 scale (Button hole) , 5/6/6/7 persons., 2 p. Together persons., 1 scum (Button hole), to reach the end of the faces. Tie the 11/13/17/19 to the p. of the handkerchief and run the button holes again. Link furniture have 3 p., then to cut the neck close to the right 12/13/13/15 p. = 40/44/50/55 p. 
Tie 5 cm = 13 p. Platelkoj, then to cut the neck of the backrest dial on the right 13/14/14/16 p. = 53/58/64/71 p. Postpone all loops. 
The left shelf: to knit symmetrically, but without a set of loops for a cut of a neck of a backrest. 
Back: To take in work loops of both shelves = 93/102/114/126 p. And to knit a platelkoj. After 10/11/12/13 cm = 27/31/33/35 p. Close on both sides to 26/29/33/37 p. = 41/44/48/52 p. Link 12.5/14.5/16,5/19,5 cm = 24/28/32/38 p. Persons. Smooth, 3 cm = 8 p. Platelkoj and close all loops. 
Assembly: On Spokes № 5.5 on a cut of a neck to dial 54/56/56/60 P., having finished on distance of 5 SM from edge of the left shelf. Tie the 3 cm = 8 p. to the platinum binding and close the hinges. Carry out lateral seams and seams of sleeves, last 3 sm of a bottom of sleeves-on persons. Side for the lapel. Lock the flaps. Sew the buttons.

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