Baby Cardigan Pattern

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Description Knitting Baby Cardigan 

Immediately say: This very prostoj👍vjazat it even easier than hats! Especially if you are already familiar with Reglanom🤝
💜prjazha: The drop is Eskimo 10 skein, spokes 5 (better 6 or even 7, but I knit not tight)
💜kardigan at age 1, 5-2 years. On other sizes I did not knit, but if to take measurements, it is not difficult to calculate:)
💜vjazhem Tent binding (all rows of facial)
💜nachinaem Knit with neck * dial 50 p. * 1 Row of persons
* Distribute the loops with markers as shown in the photo in the carousel. 11 P (2 edge + 3 overlap + 6 front shelf), 1 Reglane loop, 6p sleeve, 1 Reglan, 12 rear shelf, 1 Reglan, 6 sleeve, 11 p (front shelf, overlap, edge)
* Knit the Reglan to a height of 14 cm (for other sizes the height of the Reglan in the carousel). Do not forget about the holes for buttons. Apertures do so: a scale in a lyceum row, and in vixen we put it behind a front wall (not twisted loop)
* We divide knitting on a body and sleeves * loops of sleeves remove on additional thread or a needle
* Knit further. In places where there should be sleeves, we collect on three loops (Podcut). * Knit to the desired length, do not forget about the holes for buttons. Close loops in any convenient way, I really like the "hollow cord"
* Knit sleeves on circular spokes or way Meidzhik Magnifier. That there were no holes between a sleeve and a body, we collect loops of a cut, and before and after it still on 1 loop. We do the Ubavki in each 5 row (one loop at the beginning and one loop at the end of the row). Knit to the desired length. I have a small lapel 26 cm.
* on the hood collect loops with extra. Thread. Here you can make holes for the lace. We make a raise to each second. Knit with a handkerchief to the desired length.. Stitch the hood.
* That's Vse🎉


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