Knit Baby Socks Pattern

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Complexity: Medium
Working time: 2 hours
Materials: Yarn Residues

Warm knitted socks should always be in the wardrobe of your baby.

Knit will be the usual socks of the same type of yarn, without overloading the model with various drawings, the age of 9 months to 1/1.5 years, depending on the size of the baby's legs.

For knitting socks need a little yarn (usually I use the remnants of yarn) to 50g, spokes, a little time and a little patience.

Materials: Yarn ALIZE (Happy Bebe), acrylic 100% to about 50g, hosiery spokes № 3.

Knitting density: 20p * 20th row = 7 (9) cm


To dial on Spokes 40 loops and at proyazivanii the first row a rubber band 1 * 1, include in work 5-spoke.

Tie the elastic band to a height of 7-7.5 cm.

To form a heel to tie on 2 spokes in a forward and reverse direction a face smooth on height equal to width which occupy 10 loops on one spoke.

For convenience of a heel tying 20 loops divide on 3 plots: on 6 loops from lateral parties and 8 loops in the middle. The heel is knitted on the average 8 loops. To do this, we have 7 loops of the middle part on the reverse side, and the 8-th loop with the near side is put together at the end of the row. Then we turn the knitting and knit on the front side. Gradually the lateral loops will leave, the last lateral loop should be projazana on the front side.

Then again knit in a circle, for which we get from the lateral loops of the pigtails 10 loops on each side: Get on the first 2 spokes of 10 loops-this is the top of the knife, on the second two spokes on 14 loops-this is the bottom of the socks. 2 rows are twisted (not diminishing loops).

Now we do the decrease for the weaning of the socks on the two lower spokes through a series of two loops together before and after the top of the nipple, that is, on the spokes on which the heel was knitted.

Further knitting socks on the necessary length (approximately to the end of a little finger): the top of a socks continue to knit a rubber band 1 * 1, and the bottom of a nosochka knit a face smooth.

To close the soap, we will translate the loops of the top on one spoke-20 loops and loops of a bottom also on 1 knitting-20 loops, projazit on 2 loops at the beginning and the end of each spokes. Until there are 4 loops left. Knit face stitch.  When there are 4 loops, stretch the thread through them and bring it to the wrong side, where and fasten. The starting end of the thread can be locked (also from the reverse side).

Socks are ready.

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