Knitting Snapsuit and Cap Free Pattern

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1 row: VP 
2 row: 3 v. P., in each second VP Knit 1st. with scale, 1 VP, 1st. with the scale and to the end.. Finish 1 article with the scale. 
3 and all the following 3 v. P. podem, in each air p. of the previous series Vyvyazyem 1 art. With scale 1 v. P. 1 art. ... Complete Series 1 art. With the scum. 
"Tick" is obtained. 
For body gained 9 v. Loops and knitting on a drawing at first 3 rows, then did addition on 1 additional art. With a scale in each row with 2 sides. 
So Projala another 8 rows (applied to the doll and added to the calf), 
Then for the trunk has added on two sides another 8 loops. and knitted straight to the armlet. 
For the Armlet the first one was 4 p. from 2 sides, and then 2 times on 1 loop. 
and knit to the neck. Make the neck, and get the shoulders. 
Backrest: Similar to the front, but at the height of 2-3 series of short-cut armi divided knitting into 2 parts (for head holes). 
Sew shoulders and sides. For the sleeve gained 30 V.P. and knitted 2 cm the main figure, then reduce from 2 sides: 3 times 2 p. 
Sew Sleeves. 
The neck, sleeves and bottom was bandaged by a step, the front in the area of Lastovitv came 2 buttons (to be able to zip) 
The cap was knitted from the top of the crown with the columns without the scale, adding to the size of the head, 
In 12, 13, 18, 19, 25 row of the figure "Tick!, 
Then with 28 rows of knitting only Trump (the widest part of it-11 sm) columns without a scale, diminishing in each row in turn on 2 or on 1 loop from 2 parties. 
The narrow part of the visor turned out 6.5 cm. 
I tied my cap with a bit of a step. In the 25th row was extended lace, tied with a bow.


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