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Who about what and I again about booties.

Author of master class MarinaKlin. 
The author's word ... I 
peeked the idea in the internet. Made MK.
On the needles, dial 20 loops with a green thread, leaving the end of the thread about 25-30 cm. Then we sew the bootie with this thread. That there were as few nodes as possible. 
To knit with garter stitch (all eye loops) 60-80 rows, depending on the size. 
Cut the green thread, attach a red thread ...

... and knit according to the following scheme: 
1 row - all eye loops, 
2 rows - all purlins, 
3 rows - all facial, 
4 rows - all purlins, 
5 rows - all facial, 
6 row - all facial, 
7 rows - all purl, 
8-row - all facial. 
From the 1st to the 8th row, repeat 6 times. 
Another tie 1 row of all persons, the 2 nd row - all izn. and the third row - all persons. Cut the thread, leaving about 50 cm for sewing with a knitted suture. 
Here, for simplicity, you can close all the loops and sew the booties already with the hinges closed. But then an extra seam is formed, pressing on the leg of the child, and the appearance of the pinets will be different.

While the bootleg is not sewn, it is more convenient to tie the ruche. 
On the additional spoke we type the loops along the upper green edge of the booties.

The second row of ruff is knitted so: to remove the edge, 
1 face, nakid, 2 together facial, etc. to the end of the row. The last edge loop is tied with the front. 
From nakidov formed holes, which then vdenem lace.

3 rd row of ruche - edge off, then from each hinge, including nakidy, tie 3 loops (1 facial, 1 purl and 1 facial). The last should be tied with the front edge. 
Wrap another 5 rows of garter stitch. In the 6th row, close all the loops.

Closing into the ring, we sew the side of the booties with a horizontal knitted seam. This seam is shown in the MK booties "Zephyrki".

On the red detail, embroider the "points" strawberries white thread.

We begin to sew the bottom of the bootie with a thread, which was left at the beginning of knitting. 
The needle is wound in every second loop of the edge of the red part. (If you type all the hinges on the edge of the needle, it will be difficult to pull the edge off and looks very rough).

We tighten the thread and fix it.

The same thread continues to sew the sole of booties.

Also sew up the top.

A few stitches fix the thread from the wrong side.

Twist the cord from the green thread.

We insert a cord into the holes formed from the nakids.

White thread crocheted flower: 
tie a chain of 5 air. loops. Closed in a ring, 1 air. etc. for lifting. Next, when you hook the hook to the center of the ring, connect the 5 petals (4st with crochet, 1pin b / n, etc. until 5 petals are formed).

In the hole of the flower to pass the lace.

With a yellow thread, fix the flower on the cord and randomly embroider the middle of the flower.

Source : http://stranamasterov.ru/node/64483?tid=451

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