Booties sandals for baby

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Booties - sandals 
Size: 3-6 months. 
You will need 50 g of yarn (preferably for children's knitting), environments. thickness, needles for 2.75 mm, 2 buttons 
Density of knitting: 28 p. * 37 p. = 10 * 10 cm. Persons. coats 
Right: Dial 36 n. 
1st row: (. individual side) 1 persons sc, 16 persons, sc, (1 persons sc) -2 fold, 16 persons, sc, 1 individuals.... 
2nd row and all steam rooms: 1 persons. to knit behind the back wall 
of the 3rd row: 2 persons., nakid, 16 persons. nakid, 2 persons., nakid, 3 persons., nakid, 16 persons., nakid, 2 persons. 
5th row: 3 persons., Nakid, 16 persons., Nakid, (4 persons, nakid) -2 times, 16 persons., Nakid, 3 persons. 
7th row: 4 persons., Nakid, 16 persons. nakid, 5 persons., nakid, 6 persons., nakid, 16 persons., nakid, 4 persons. 
9th row: 5 persons., Nakid, 16 persons., Nakid, (7 persons, nakid) -2 times, 16 persons., Nakid, 5 persons.
11th row: 22 persons., Nakid, 8 persons., Nakid, 9 persons., Nakid, 22 persons. - it turned out 64 p. 
12th row: knit like the 2nd row 
Next, knit 7 rows with the front satin 
trace. Row: (wrong side) knit the loops together with the loops of the 1st row of the front knit (you can use the hook for convenience) 
Next, knit 8 rows of faces. stitch 
Next row: 36 persons., decrement to the left (remove one loop, next knit loop, throw the removed loop over the knit loop), rotate, remove the non-knit loop, 8 out, 2 together, turn, remove the side . Left, turn. 
Repeat the last 2 rows 7 times, then knit the first row again. 
Track. a row: to remove the item, persons. n. before the end of 
the page. Row: 17 faces., 2 faces together., 8, b. To the left, 17 persons. - turned 44 p.
Track. row: 24 faces., turn, 4 ex., turn, 4 faces., turn. 
Knit these 4 p. Face smooth 6 cm., Close them. 
On the needles, 20 paragraphs are left on both sides. 
Dial 15 loops of the section along the strap from 4 points, turn, close 26 points, leave the last 9 points (heels) on the add. spoke 
On the other hand: dial 15 points along the shoulder strap of 4 points, knit 20 points of persons. 
Track. row: 9 persons (heel), close the remaining 26 p. 
Run the seams of the sole and heel, knit 18 faces. n., get 22 
next a row: persons. p., get 4 p. 
Next. a row: persons. p., when the needle remains 3 p., make a hole for the buttons: nakid, 2 p. together persons., 1 persons. 
Track. a row: persons. n. 
Next a row: persons. n. 
Next Row: Close p.
Fold the strap of 4 p. According to Fig., Sew, sew a button. 

Left: knit symmetrically right

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