Women Blouse Crochet Free Pattern

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DIMENSIONS 36/38 (40/42) 44/46 
Yarn sectional dyeing (66% viscose, 34% cotton; 280 m / 150 g) - 300 (450) 450 g in blue-pink tones; circular needles No. 4.5, length 80 cm; hook number 4. 
Facial rows - facial loops, purl rows - purl loops. 
The model fits in circular rows in a single canvas. At the expense of increases and decreases, the bevel on the pattern is obtained, the dimensions on the pattern are removed from the finished model. 
Dial 172 (196) 220 p., Close into a circle and knit as follows: * 42 (48) 54 p. Alternately 3 p. Face and 3 p. Back, knit the next loop face and mark as middle, 42 (48 ) 54 p. Alternately 3 p. Purl and 3 p. Facial, knit the next loop with the front one and mark as side, from * repeat 1 more time. 
Now all the loops in each circle. knit on the pattern.
To give shape in every 2nd circle. in front of both middle loops, each time 2 paragraphs are knitted together with facial ones and then 2 points together with an inclination to the left (= 1 point to remove, the next loop to be tied to the front one, then stretch it through the removed loop). 
At the same time, before and after both side loops, add 1 point each time according to the pattern. 
At a height of 51 (55) 59 cm of the side seam or upon reaching the desired length of the product, close all loops. 
For the straps to perform a chain of ce. 60 cm long and tie it on both sides of art. b / n 
Wipe the strap at 1 cm below the closed edge through the middle loop (= optionally front or back) and sew the ends 3 cm from the opposite middle loop (= optionally front or back), trying it on.

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