Wonderful Jumper Free Pattern

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34/36 (38/40) 42/44 
Yarn (93% cotton, 7% polyester; 100 m / 50 g) 500 (550) 600 g brown; Spokes number 4 and 4.5; hook № 4,5; 2 buttons 

Facial rows - lyse loops, inner rows - inner heels. 
Facial rows - back loops, back rows - face lines. 
number of loops is short 3 + 1 + 2 imperial. 

1st and 2nd order: purl head.

3rd row: Imperial, 2 links tied together with the front one, 1 nakid * 1 nakid, 1 doubles with a double tilt to the left (2 loops removed together as the front ones, 1 front one and pull it out through the loops), 1 nakik, * locked * repeat, terminate with 1 nakida, tie 2 loops together with the inclination of the water (remove 1 loop, face, 1 face, then stretch it through the loop), short. 

4th row: knit the loops with the wrong side, with double nakas, tie the 1st nakid with the seamy, 2nd nakid - face. 

1–4th series repeat. 

18 p. X 24 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected with face number 5,5; 
20 p. X 29 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected with the needles # 4. 

Shelves and back knit across a single weave. Start with the right shelf. The shot on the drawing indicates the direction of knitting. 

Impressive knit facial. 

Heap 18 (20) 22 s. And knit with a satin finish; The right edge of the work will later form the upper edge of the jacket. 
In addition to dialing or adding on the left edge in each 2nd row from the starting row 2 x 6 p., 3 x 5 p., 3 x 4 p., 4 x 3 p., 6 x 2 p. And 12 (14) 16 x 1 p., Then in each 4th batch 7 x 1 p. = 100 (104) 108 p. 
Through 39 cm = 94 rows (41.5 cm = 100 rows) 44 cm = 106 lines from to knit the 28 front sections in the next front row, then close the 28 (32) 36 paragraphs and tie the 2.5 cm = 6 rows on the remaining 44 paragraphs, with this third row forming the right sideline.
After the 6th row (= outside row), add 28 (32) 36 sec. And knit the remaining 28 sec. Then knit all the backs for the back on 100 (104) 108 sec. With a single canvas. 
Through 18.5 cm = 44 rows (21 cm = 50 rows) 23.5 cm = 56 rows from the bottom of the hinges, the middle of the back is reached. The 2nd half of the backrest and the left shelf end up in a mirror view, with this addition they become decreasing. 
Run the 2nd armhole. 
In 39 cm = 94 rows (41.5 cm = 100 rows) 44 cm = 106 rows from the 2nd supplementary set for the armhole, close the remaining 18 (20) 22 points. 

Dial the needles for each hand 42 (51) 60 loops and knit openwork pattern.
For the bevel of the sleeves, add on both sides alternately in the 10th and 12th series from the initial row 10 x 1 n. 10 x 1 par. Yzory = 62 (73) 80 p. Hinges that are not included in the pattern, knit with inside head or an openwork pattern, respectively. 
After 46 cm = 134 rows from the starting row, cover all the pet like faces. 

Starting at the top of the left side of the left shelf, for the 1st buttonhole hook, complete the chain of 7 points, let it go 2.5 cm on the side and execute 1 tbsp. b / n, then tie up the left side of the left side of the left shelf, bottom edge and right side shelf 1 next to the next b / n. 2.5 cm crocheted edges and attach the chain. 
Start at the buttonhole, along the rounded side of the right ledge to the sideline, make a fringe with an interval of 2.5–3 cm.
For each pick of the fringe, cut off 5 strands of ca. 40 cm, put the two together and with a hook weave into tied with a hook. Then the 1st bundle should be divided into parts of 5 strands. Leave the outer part of the hanging, the second part loosely tied to half the threads of the adjacent bundle. The knot is displaced relative to the knots of the insertion of the fringe. 
Let us then separate each subsequent bundle of the bachrome and connect it with the next bundle analogously, leaving the last portion of the last bundle of the last bundle of bachrome hanging. 
Fill the seams of the sleeves and sew in the hands. 
After fitting, insert the buttons on the left shelf and on the wrong side of the right shelf. Go

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