Beautiful Women Blouse Free Pattern

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For knitting it is necessary: 
Hook Z and 3.5 
Pullover size 40-44 
Yarn Gazzal Wau Cotton • 
500 GR, 
Knitting Density: 10х1 Osm = 30pc40r 
Ability: Facial and Purls loops, needles knitting 
Remove any impediment 
DO not Spokes 2.5 dial 1 Yap. Knit straight to the height of 150 
Circular 2.5 Spokes, 
Rows, Shadow pattern 
Starts with; Zgo is happy. The scheme. which presents only 
Facial ranges, Certe cells knit Iznanoivymi loops. Other facial. 
In purl rows all loops knit purl. In 1519, the armholes were closed with 
Each Party and each second row to 4, Z. 2. 1 loop. = 130 P. In 207 M row 
We begin to knit the neck of the short and rows, the highest • From the central Six 
Loops and both sides are tempered Separately. Postponing and each agony to a number of 
З. C. 2, 2, 2, 2.2. 1.1 
1, 1. 1, 1. 1. Together with the neck, the bevel is 
Shoulder with 231 series. Also shortened by the angles, postponing 7 loops in each 
The second Rada. 8 240 m range of knitting. = 60 neck, in 350 of the spit. 

Back Shelves 
Dial 826 on the spokes 2.5 and knit analogy front. That is the Armi. Bevels 
Shoulder knitting in the same series and on the same number of loops. At the same Pribalalan 
On a loop from the edge in each 5 row, the most SS 150 R in each SCRAP row of 1106 with 
Taking into account the armholes). The Neck begins to knit in 2299, putting aside the average ZOYU, in 
Each second row to postpone another 5, 4, Z, 2 and 1 loop, In 240 m finish, On 
Spokes 35 Loops One Plio, 60 neck and 15 loops of another shoulder. Second 
The Kidney knit Mirror, 
Dial 70 loops on the spokes 2.5, knitting adding on both sides in each 15m 
Row of 1 Pet pe to 165 p = 92 loops. 
At 17Pm the Rada closes 4. and 1 P W each 
2nd Radu, for the roll of sleeves. Starting from 180 series, close 1 loop in the 
Each row b times = 6Dn. Beginning with the 201st Rada in each second row of the PA 17] 
15 times the EVILS (2309) and close in each second row on both sides by 2, Z. 4 and 
12 remaining loops. 

Combine the two shelves of the backrest to match the neckline and make one 
Several. Combining 2 Pet pi with each halves. Where they coincide, sew shoulders, 
By cutting the neck on 120 loops to tie straight 10 rows of the obverse g 
Tightly close, Sew sleeves, perform side seams, Kra polriek tie 

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