Crochet Scarf Pattern

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To my dismay, yarn with long sections in the required thickness was present only in one color and in one store. It was Yarnart Magic Fine. I bought a couple of hanks (it took one and a half) and began to learn to knit with two colors with two hands, it turned out that it was not so difficult. She retreated from the original pattern, scored 204p and knitted 3 * 3 with an elastic band and made reductions as in the Steampunk version, but took everything else from the Mesa Rock variant. I spread the result.

Pleasantly surprised by the transformation of the product after the WTO, it became incredibly soft and plastic. It is a pity that there were no other colors of yarn on sale to choose your favorite ones. In general, the second copy suggests itself)
Dial 204p (knitting needles No. 5.5), tie 2 rows with 3 * 3 elastic band with the main light. Then (7 rows with 3 * 3 elastic, where the facial ones are knitted with the main color, purl with an additional one. 2 rows with the facial main color) * repeat three times. Knit (6 rows with an elastic band in the same way, 2 rows with the main color) * repeat three times, while in the last row you should lower 30 loops (5 face, 2 together) * 28, (2 face, 2 together) * 2. Switch to the needles number 5. Knit (5 rows of elastic, 2 front) * 3, while the pattern will NOT coincide with the pattern of the previous rows. Finish with two rows of gum primary color. Close the loop (I closed it very tightly). The dimensions of the finished product bottom 92cm, top 70cm, height 36cm

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