White Cardigan Free Pattern

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Materials: G. Yarn Oaops Clouo from GAMSTUD10 (720/0 alpaca, polyamide, _, ' BD 
Circular spokes 9.0 and MM. Length of Bo or see 
The singing of the face: • And the rows of the front surface = cm. Spokes mm. 
Dress Pattern: Knit all rows of facial loops. 
Pattern: Knit on the scheme, the diagram is shown on the front side. 
Add a loop: To make a scum, 8 next row of a scale projazat behind a back wall of a pattern on a scheme. 
Jacket spokes from drops, description: 
Backrest: Circular spokes high school mm. Dial the 57-5943-69-75-81 loop (including the Crown loops on each side). 
Knit pattern-2 rows. 
Go to spokes mm. 
Further knit as: Edge loop (platin pattern), repeating 2 loops of scheme a up to the last 2 Loops 8 row, LI4, 
Chrome loop. 
Observe the density of knitting " 
At the height of the-B2-bз-B4-B5-bb See. Close for armholes on each side S = 47-49-53-59-BB-71 loop. 
Continue to knit pattern up to the height of BB-B-7c-72-74-7, 2 cm. 
Neck: Knit 19-2021-24-26-29 Loops According to the scheme, close the CL. 9-9-11-11-13-13 stitches for neck, knit 19-20- 
21-24-26-29 on the scheme, finish the sides separately. 
Lower the loop on each side of the neck = 18-19-20-23-25-28 loops for each shoulder. 
At an altitude of 6749-71-73-75-77 cm. Knit 2 rows of a dress pattern. 
Close loops. 
Right shelf: circular spokes mm. Dial S-5z-B7-BZ-B 9-7 B (including the Edge on the side and 2 
Loops from the center of the front). 
Knit pattern-2 rows. 
Go to spokes mm. 
Further knitting as: 2 loops of a lath a platin pattern, repeating 2 loops of a scheme A to the last loop 8 row, Edge 
At a height of-52-bз-B 4-55-5, 2 sm. Close for armhole on each side B pet € 1 = 46-48-52-5844-7D loop. 
To have to knit the pattern up to the height of B7-B 9-7 õz-75-77 See, Finish the facial rad. 
Knit 18-19-2023-25-28 loops with a platonic pattern, repeating 2 loops of the circuit A to the Aftersecond 2x pet € 1 in a row, 2 loops 
Strips with a dress pattern. 
Knit Series 8 pattern. 
Close the first 18-19-20-23-2 B-28 for the shoulder = 28-29-32-35-39-42 loops for the collar. 

Get new B-B-7-7-in-loops 8 end of the next = 3435-39-4247-50 Petep_ 
Knit new loops with a dress pattern-2 rows, the pattern is blurred. 
At the height of 4 sn_ from New Gzhel, knit (face. Side): * With a number of facial loops, simultaneously add B-B-74-В'v 
The first one * = 37-3842-46-51-54 loops. 
Knit 2 loops of a strap with a platin pattern, and the rest loops on a scheme up to height 9 sn_ (from New loops). 
To stick between 
= 40-4145-50-55-58 loops. 
Close the dust. 
Left-Polichkat knit symmetrically right; Close loops for armyarm l shoulder with front line 
Sleeve: Circular spokes nm. Dial 2b-2b-2v-2v-Zos0 Gzhel. 
Knit pattern-2 rows. 
Knit pattern on the scheme + Cromovyi on each side. 
At the end of the. Le in the Sn_ add 1 yoke on each side (read the owls on the increase!). 
Repeat increments every sn_-4-5-5-B-B-7 times = ZB-SV-40-42-44-4 b 
At the height of 5141-50-4 v-4b-44 cm. Close the hinges. 
Assembly: Sew the shoulders, sew the Dorlnik along the Pohovina, perform the seam of the collar. 
Sew Sleeves, stitch up the sleeve seams. 
Ties: Cut off the thread length 70 sn_, praise them 8 bar right at the height see. Down from the armholes, on the other 
Hand to pull the thread to make it crawled. 
Weave B Threads 8 braid on 22 cm., tie, leave the rest of the dough, to formed a brush. 
"Џnu the tie, attaching it to the center of the left kidney at a height of 40, down from the collar. 

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