Knitting Red Dress Embossed Pattern

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The special chic of this dress is attached not only royal red
Color, but also a multitude of braids that make it voluminous and form
Beautiful embossed pattern. Despite the straight cut, the line
Waist can always be stressed by a belt or strap.

Material :

800 g yarn
(100% Wool or acrylic)
Spokes № 4
Set of 5 spokes № 3
Length 45 cm
Needle for Knitwear

For the backrest on the Spokes № 4 Dial 90 pe-
and knit with Rubber Band 2 × 2. 4 to 5 cm
From the beginning of knitting work continue
Pattern of braid on the scheme.
The diagram shows only the facial rows,
In purl rows, all loops are knit by
Drawing. Repeat the rapport between the
11 times and finish with loops after
After 70 cm from the beginning of knitting, perform
On both sides of the armholes, for which close the
On both sides in each 2nd row 1 time
3 loops, 1 time 2 loops and 1 fold one loop.
Continue with the main pattern on the remaining
At the beginning of the series after the
And at the end of the row before the crown
2 loops knit a face smooth.
At the height of 80 cm loop temporarily leave.

Before you knit the same as the backrest and
Honeycomb 80 cm loop temporarily leave.

For one sleeve on the spokes № 4 dial
50 loops, wrap 4 cm elastic Band 2 × 2,
And then knit a pattern of braid. Rapport
Repeat between the 6-fold and the
End with loops after Raport. For bevel
Sleeves add in every 6th row
On both sides of one loop. After 42 cm
From the beginning of knitting close on both sides

Every 2nd row 1 times 3 loops,
1 time 2 loops and 1 time one loop.
Leave the hinges temporarily. Similar Pro
But run the second sleeve.

Perform side seams and seams
In the armholes.
Slightly moisten the dress and straighten the
Those on the surface, let dry.

Connect all the items as follows
Way: Pass the loops of the front,
Then loops of one sleeve, loops
Back and hinges of the second sleeve.
In this case, reduce the
Two loops on both sides, namely
The first 2 front loops of the 6 PE-
The face of the spit.
And the last two facial loops
Of the 6 loops of the Spit,
Together the obverse crossed.
As a result spit will be 2 × 2. Loops
The circle and knit the circular
Rows of a pattern of braid according to the scheme.
12 cm from the place of unification
Work continue with the rubber Band 2 × 2
And after 4 cm all loops close
In one row.

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