Pullover with Openwork Sleeves Free Pattern

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P., then tie 4 p. Without decrease. 
Through 56 cm: 162 R. (58 cm: 168, 2) 
60 cm = 174 p. From Gum Close 
Remaining 57 (59) 61 p. 
Before: Knit the same, but the Bevi 
Reglan start through 18.5 cm = 54 p. 
From the gum. Through 39.5 cm = 114 p. 
(41.5 cm 120 R.) 43.5 cm 126 p. 
From the gum close the remaining 57 
(59) 61 p. 
Sleeves: cross-shaped set 
Dial 65 (73) 81 p. and knit 
as follows: Crom., 8 (11) 
14 p. Persons. Gladi, 5 (6) 7 p. platin 
Mating, 37 p. openwork Pattern, 5 (6) 7 
P. Platelki, 8 (11) 14 p. Persons. 
Glum, Chrome. After 4 cm 12 p. from 
Inlaid edges to perform with both 
Pullover with openwork Sleeves 
Dimensions: 36, 8 (40/42 in) 44/46 
You will need: 250 (300) 350 g 
Beige yarn Secondo (55% cotton. 
250/0 polyamide, 200/0 Silk, 125 
D); Straight and circular spokes 4.5; Hook 3.5. 
Elastic: Odd number of loops. Offshore 
R.: Krom., 1 persons., 1 Alternately 
1 persons "Krom. IPMs. P.: Loops Knit by 
Facial surface: Faces. P.-Persons. P., N. 
P.-N. P. 
Knitting: PR. and N. P.- 
Persons. P. 
Openwork pattern: First the number of loops 
Multiple 22 4 15. Knit by scheme, on 
Which only persons are listed. P., in 
N, p. All loops knit on the figure 
Or as indicated, the scum knit. 
Start with loops before rapport, 
Repeating rapport, finishing 
Loops after Raport. Repeat 
From 1st to 12th p. Due to additions 
and reduce the number of loops in the 
The vertical raport changes. 
When you specify loops in a statement 
This is not accounted for in the instructions 
The number of loops always belongs to the number of 
Loops after each 11th p. 
Kaima with pico: Attach the thread and 
Link 1 ad N. Instead of the 1st art. b/N. 
• above 1 p. of the closed edge to execute 
1 Pico 3. P., 1 art. 6/N in 1st 
Commander. P.), 1 art. b/N, repeat from • 
Finish 1 Pico and 1 coed. Art. In the 
Special kills: At the beginning of a series 
Krom., W persons. and get 2 p. Together 
Persons., at the end of a series of knit to B p., 
Then 1 stretch See Conditional 
symbols), 3 persons, and Crom. 
Density of knitting. Persons. Surface and 
Dress binding: 23 P. and 29 p.: Lo X 
10 cm; Openwork pattern: 21 p. and 29 p. 
10 x 10 cm. 
Attention! The backrest is longer than the front. 
Backrest: cross-shaped set 
(see page 30) Dial 95 (105) 115 
P. and tie 5.5 cm elastic band. Then 
Knit as follows: Chrome, 
12 (16) 20 p. Persons. Gladi, 5 (6) 7 
P. Platelki, 59 p. openwork 
Pattern, 5 (b) 7 p. Platelki, 12 
(16) 20 p. Persons. Glum, Crom. In 35 
CM 102 p. From gum Close for 
Of the reglane on both sides of the 5 p. 
and reduce the special 
Each 4th p. 14 x (alternately in 
Each 2nd and 4th p. 10 x and 3 each 
4th p. 8 x) alternately in each 2nd 
and 4th P. 20 Hee in each 4th p. 2х 1 
Sides of the Reglane bevel, as on the backrest. 
25 cm: 72 in. (27 cm: 78 p.) 29 
CM 84 R. From Inlaid Edge close 
For the neck cut remaining 
27 P. 
Assembly: Perform the seams of the Reglan. 
Perform side seams. At the same time 
On the backrest bottom 16.5 cm lateral 
Edges remain open. To 
These edges are not stretched, dial 
On them, including an elastic band, on 30 p. ive 
Next Re-close them again 
Persons. Run the seams of the sleeves. On 
Circular spokes dial on cut 
Neck 140 (144) 148 p... Link 1 
Circular p. of persons. and all loops close 
Persons. Tie Neck cut 
Fringe with Pico. 

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