Warm knitted knots for beginners

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For work we need: 
yarn (48% wool, 52% acrylic, 100 grams per 200 meters); 
hook number 3. 
Description of work 
Knitting begins with a toe-point: typing with a hook 10 in. n. + 1 in. p.p. without n. in the 2nd and all subsequent c. n. = 10 s. without n .. We 
adhere to the given binding pattern of the mind: 
On the other side of the circuit, we do another 10 seconds. bez n. and get a circular sequence of 20 c. without n. 
Two side hinges are marked with contrasting threads and we get 8 points between them. But the knit is knitted in a spiral without. p. p. 
Nachinaya from the 2nd row performing additions (indicated by "birds"): we execute the addition to the marked p., 8 p. without n., 2 additions (one for each of the ticked loops), again 8 s. without n., addition to the mark. loop = 24 p.
The third row of knit so: 2 p. without n., 1 addition, 8 c. without n., 1 addition, 2 s. without n., 1 appendix = 28 n. 
Fourth row: on the smaller side of the oval between the additions 4 c. without n, on the long side more than 8 c. without n. = 32 p. 
Fifth row: at the slightest side of the word between supplements, we execute 6 s. bez n., by long - 8 s. bez n. = 36 p. 
Sixth row: on the smallest side of the oval between additions, we perform 8 s. without n., a long all the same 8 s. bez n. = 40 p. 
Basic part
In the seventh series and the following, we will begin to alternate the color of the threads: we begin to knit the row with an emerald thread, and in the middle of the long side, we change the color of the threads to lime, and knit it in 1 sec. without n. on each petition of the last row. At this stage, you can remove the contrast thread-markers. 
7-13 pp: s. without n. = 40 p. 
In that place, where in 6 p. we tied up the appendices, we tied up the appendixes and in 14 p., all - 4 appendices = 44 p. 
15 p .: p. without 
p . 16 p.: again at the place of additions in 14 p., we knock out the supplements and in 16 p. = 48 p. Preparations should be tried in the work process. If Vas has a narrow stupa, it is possible that the profits will not be necessary.
Next knit about 15 rows for 1 s. without n. in each heap of the previous row. The number of rows can vary depending on your size. 
Further, we continue the work not in round rows, but in straight and reverse, i.e., straight web. For the heel, we will allocate 22 items and we will knit it with a single thread (salatoy). 
It is, provyazyvayem 11 p. In green, after which another 11 p. Sales, we turn the work and skip the 1st p., Then 21 seconds without n .. 
Again we turn the work and knit, starting with the 2nd p., 20 s. 
Bezn .. Continue the same 22 p. p .: We are releasing the 1st p. of each new river. R. and we receive a fifth in the form of a triangle.
Again, we are attaching to circular knitting with a yarn: 22 petals of one side of the heel, further 13 seconds. bez n. on the back of the nose, 1 appendix, 12 p. bez n. and again 22 p. heels. 
Again we change the colors of the thread. To make us more comfortable, we propose to number the rows and count the previous one as the first of them. 
2 p.: The center of each side of the heel with the addition, then there is, knit 10 s. without n., replenishment, then on a friend until the same place on the opposite side, again adding. 
3 p.: In a circle of 1 c. Bez N .. 
4 p .: subtraction at the same level. 
5 p.: In a circle with. Bez N .. 
6 p.: the addition in the middle of each of the five heels. 
7 p.: We form a notch on the back side of the heel: on the top of the triangle, we perform 1 acquisition. without n. until end
8 p .: bind a decrease in the middle of each side of the heel and still perform 1 decrease in the middle of the top of the noseĸ 
9 p.: Reduction at the very beginning of a row (we continue the formation of a height behind the heel), adding in the middle of each side of the heel. 
10 p .: We again execute the grievances in the middle of each side. 
11 p.: A reduction in the center of the triangle, after that with. no n .. 
12 p.: a reduction in the middle of each side of the heel. 
13 p.: Reduction in the middle in the very beginning of the p. 
14 p .: ĸаĸ 12th p. Of the 
15 p.: P. without n. round. 
16 p.: P. with n. 
2 in. n. p., naĸid, make a hook under the column prededusch. p., seize the slave. nyu and vyvyazyvayem with. with n ..
Now we run Teper on the hook, enter it before the next. by the column before. p., capturing thread and knit with. with n .. 
In summary, we get two semi-columns: convex and concave. Alternate them to the end of a row. 
In the new series, we continue with the same scheme: bulged over bulged, concave - over concave. Continue to reach the height of the leg that we need. 
The second nocochek knit in the same way. ‍ ‌‍‌

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