Pullover Knitwear Free Pattern

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Pullover with a pattern of leaves 
Size: 38/40 (44/46 in) 
You will need: 500 (500) G colors 
Flax yarn Cotton OK (100% cotton, 
84 m/50 g); Straight and circular Spokes 4.5 
Leaf pattern: Number of loops multiple 15 + B 2 chrome. Knit by scheme, 

On which the persons are listed. and N. R. 
Start with 1 chrome. and loops before 
Rapportom. Repeat rapport, Zakkan • 
Loop after the Rapport and 1 
Chrome "Repeat from ј-th to 20th p. 
Knitting density: 17.5 L. and 20.5 P, 
10 cm. 
Backrest: Dial 83 (98) and tie 1 
This series is not taken into account 
On the further account. Then knit 
Pattern of leaves, through 48.5 cm = 
100 R. (52.5 cm = 108, inlaid) 
Edge Close for neck cut 
Middle 27 (30) liters and both sides 
Finish separately. For rounded 
From the inner edge of the 
Each 2nd P. 1 x 2 and 1 x 1 p. 
51.5 cm = p. (55.5 cm: 114 from 
Inlaid edges close remaining 
On each side 25 (31) p. Shoulder. 
Before: Knit the same way. But for more 
Deep Neck cut Close 
Through 39 cm = Sun P. (43 cm 88 p.) from 
Inlaid Edge Average 15 (18) L., in 
Each 2nd P. ј x 3. 2x2, 3x1 p. Yves 
Next 4th P. 
Sleeves: Dial 64 (79) N, and tie 
1-R. Izn. Then knit a pattern of 
Leaves. Start with 1 chrome, 
Repeat the Raport, finish the pet 
To the arrow and 1 Crom. Through 
34 cm = 70 p. From Inlaid edge all 
Loops close. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams, by 
Cut the neck to dial on the steep 
Knitting Needles 92 (98) p... Tie a steep • 
Howling p, faces, and all the loops close the faces, 
Let's get the sleeves. Perform side 
Seams and seams of sleeves. 

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