Handbag Crochet Pattern

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Size: PD x 36 x 8 CH 
Van Pottebuetsja: 550 g Ciklameno- 
Howling (Yves. 03114) Schachenmayr yarn 
Satan] a GRANDE cotton. 
63 Shja g); Transparent Lugshica-Knolka 
With a diameter of 15 kw_ 
Pattern Krjuchksh: Knit art. "/N. Empty. 
The yoke of St. Sun. Each row starts with 2 
Voshh p, instead of B, ' N or 3 humidity 
P, instead of 140 art, MN, 
Double Tetto: in 1st "N Gredydushhego 
Series Knit 2 Tbsp. SHN, 
Yarn Enter the hooks into the 
The previous row and extend the lengths. 
Kuyu loop, repeat • rarefaction • S phases. 
When IOM, enter the hook into the same loop 
The previous row, 13 p. On the hook. 
Then with Crochets to tie together 12 
Loops AZ 13. Then untie the f * te? 
The last loops, 
• 7 art. "N. Cmshechka. Repeat from •. 
Zajaonchit 7 Art. Art. 
Shia. 7 SG 
Gitorjat from •, Finish cone. 
3 Art, v. ' N-12 = 1H. DL Art. 66.. Link 1 
Times 1 – 164 P "then repeat 5-164 
Density knitted. Main B 
Front of Bag: Knit Snazu 
Top. Dial 19 humidity, and knit 
The main pattern, with the 2nd P, 
Add c (Sheikh sides 22 to art, 
For this, doubling the Ju and the last 
Series Loops. In 5th p. After 5 I. b/N. • 
Lumpy, 7 St, B (n. About: • More 
1 time, finish lumpy, 5 tbsp,: 
27 L. In "-Mr. • 7 tbsp, checkered. 
Repeat from • 4 Daza "Finish 7 
Cheek. 7 Art. Kommersant, ' N, repeat from • gammon. 
Finish 1 Lumpy. 9 St, 6/N 5 ' p. 
In 23rd R. 3 Art. Lumpy. 7 Art. 
Kommersant/N. Povtorig from • 6 times, finish 
Lumpy. 3 art. 6/N from the 24th three. 
Porate no longer perform and knit 
The main pattern on 63 p. Through 32 cm: 
58 p, start working for handle 59. "P, 
Knit as follows: 22 Art, 6FH. 
with 19 humidity. P, skip the next 19 
Art. B, ' n the previous row, 22 art, he, in 
60-th R. 22 Art. B, ' n, 1 Polust ' 17 St, CL, 
It's empty. In humidity. The previous row. 
22 Art. 6ih. In 61-M R. Elm: B 63 St, 65 '. 
In P, knit 63 art. C, ' B, in B3. N R. 
Knit 63 s1_ B, ' N_ in & 4. M R. Knit 63 
C/N_ on Ethan front of the bag 
will be finished. 
Angles: For bottom right angle on 
Lower axle of the front part of the 
KM to make only 25 St, 6јn. Then 
Knit straight rows, at 310 "C 
Both sides of the E each row Ubavat 
Go to do this by tying together 
2 First and two series Tosledniv loops 
Reduce on 2nd, 6/N in each row. 
Pospe 12, Z art. b, ' n Exam gained- 
Hall, lower left corner run 
symmetrically right, 
The back of the sushi: knit. As the first 
On part in conclusion Vylopnat 
Both Lower corners, 
B (Zhovaja part of the bag: Dial 13 humidity 
G, and Knit St, B, ' N. at height cm 
Cut the thread. 
Valve: Dial 9 humidity, L. and knit art. 
At height of 12 sm a thread to cut, 
Assembly: The side of the bag is sewn 
to Z Storovam front and Back hour! 
CYMKW Valve to sew in the middle to 
The back of the bag on the W su below the handle, 
Verdnjuju Chasљ buttons to sew the sowing. 
Dean at a distance of 2 cm from the short 
Edge of the valve on the reverse side 
The lower part of the button is sewn 
The correct part of the Visi button 
Rentina the front of the bag. 


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