Shawl with a free pattern

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150 g. Or 330 m. Yarn of medium thickness 
knitting needles No. 5 Description: Gather 3 loops. Link the front loops 6 rows. Hook 3 loops from the near edge of the hem loops and 2 loops from the dial edge. A U-shaped corner should be formed from the canvas, on the needles - 8 loops. The diagrams do not show purl rows. All purl ranks knit trace. way: 2 persons., purl to the last 2 loops, 2 persons. All the front rows (those marked on the diagram) fit the trace. in a way: 2 persons., knit the corresponding row of the pattern, 2 persons., repeat the same row of the pattern again, 2 persons. 2 persons. at the beginning and end form the edges of the product from the scarves, and 2 persons. in the middle - the central "seam" of the front smoothing.

Thus, the shawl consists of two pieces of patterns. 
All diagrams should be read from bottom to top, from right to left. 
Knit first according to scheme A, then B, then C. 
After scheme C, knit 8 rows of garter stitch (all 8 rows are front loops). 
Closure with picot. 
Completion of work is carried out by closing the loops and simultaneously knitting pico. 
* Dial 2 loops using the set of additional loops on the spokes, close 6 loops *, repeat from * to * until all the loops are closed.

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