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SIZES 38/40 (44/46) 

Yarn (100% cotton; 125 m / 50 g) - 450 (500) g emerald; Knitting needles number 4; circular needles number 4. 


Openwork Pattern. 
The number of loops is a multiple of 14 + 1 + 2 edging = knit according to scheme. On it are given facial rows. 
For the 1st size, start with 1 edge, repeat the repeat, end with a loop after repeat and 1 edge. 
For the 2nd size, start with 1 edge and loops from arrow A, repeat the repeat, finish with loops to arrow B and 1 edge. Constantly repeat 1st to 24th rows. 

The number of loops is a multiple of 4 + 2 + 2 edging.
Facial rows: edging, * 2 facial, 2 purl, from * constantly repeat, finish with 2 facial, edging. 
Purl rows: knit loops on the picture. 

Right edge = edge, 2 knit the loops together with the front obliquely to the left (1 loop to remove, like the front one, 1 front, then pull it through the removed loop). 
Left edge = knit acc. Pattern up to the last 3 loops, then knit 2 loops together with the front edge. 

19 p. X 27 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 



Dial on the spokes 87 (101) a loop and tie 1 cm for the strap = 1 purl row with facial and 2 rows with purl. 
Continue the work with an openwork pattern.
After 40 cm = 108 rows from the plank close for raglan bevel on both sides 1 x 4 points, then in each 2nd row it is emphasized to subtract 11 (14) x 1 points. 
After 49 cm = 132 rows (51 cm = 138 rows ) from the plank, leave the remaining 57 (65) p. 

Knitting, like a back, but simultaneously with the beginning of the knitting of the raglan bevel close the neck loop for the middle loop and finish both sides separately. 
For a bevel on the inner edge, underline in each 2nd row 11 x 1 p. (In each 2nd row 8 x 1 p. And in each 4th row 3 x 1 p.). At the height of the back, leave the remaining 17 (21) n. Shoulders. 

SLEEVES Collect 
45 loops on the needles for each sleeve and tie a strap like on the back. 
Continue the work with an openwork pattern.
After 9 cm = 24 rows from the plank add 1 x 1 pt for bevel sleeves on both sides, then 6 x 1 p. (In each 8th row 9 x 1 p.) According to. pattern = 59 (65) p. 
Reglanny bevel run through 44.5 cm = 120 rows (42.5 cm = 114 rows) from the plank, as on the back. 
After 53.5 cm = 144 rows from the plank, leave the remaining 29 p. 

Complete all seams. 
For the strip, alternately dial 17 (21) loops of the right half of the front, 29 loops of the right sleeve, 57 (65) loops of the backrest, 29 loops of the left sleeve and 17 (21) loops of the left half of the front and all 149 (165) loops on circular needles knit with a rubber band, while in the 1st row all edge knit together according. knit 1 x 2 stitches together in the pattern and in the middle of the backrest. pattern = 144 (160) p.
At the same time, in each 2nd row from the beginning of knitting the strap, turn down 8 x 1 points for bevel of the front neck on both sides as follows: at the beginning of the row, edge, 1 front, 2 loops knit together front with a slope to the left; at the end of the row knit the 4th and 3rd loop from the end together with the front, 1 front, edge. With a slat width of 6 cm = 18 rows, close the remaining 128 (144) sections according to the figure. 
For the left shoulder strap, type 32 loops on the spokes, then dial 33 loops along the edge of the left bevel of the front inlet, dial 2 loops from the front neck angle, and 33 loops of the right bevel of the front bevel edge, 32 loops for the right shoulder strap. On all 132 loops knit with pattern 2, while ensuring that in the middle of the front were 2 facial loops.
To give shape in the middle of the front, to knit in each front row the 1st middle loop with the previous loop together front, the 2nd middle loop to knit with the next loop along the front loop with a slope to the left. With a slat width of 6 cm = 18 rows, close the remaining 114 sections according to the figure. Sew the side edges of the straps to the backrest plank at a distance of 9 cm from the middle of the back.

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