Knitting Summer Sweater Diagonal

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Size: 46-48

Yarn: YarnArtSUMMER (70% cotton, 30% viscose, 350m / 100g) in 1 addition

- green color - 500 g

- black color - 300 g


- culinary smoothness

- Openwork decking (simple)

- elastic band 1'1

Knitting machine: any car of the 5th or 4th grade

The loop test:

- Culinary smoothness P g - 2.4 p. / cm, P in - 4 r./cm

- elastic band P г - 2.11 p / cm, П in - 5,45 р. / см



The described model consists of two main parts (in front and back), made on a single-car machine of the 5th class "Ukrainka" PL 8, and the strips made with an elastic band 1'1 on a two-track car of the 5th class SilverReedPL 6/6 (these parts can be knit or on a single-machine knitting machine, picking up the loop with a looper).

This openwork pattern can be linked to any knitting machine by executing a manual decking with a one-ear deck according to the scheme, or on a card machine, by preparing a suitable punched card, or on an electronic machine, by picking up any other suitable pattern.

Basic Details

Black thread is typed with a crochet 79 sts in the zone 79-0. Knit 260 rubles, changing the color of the thread and pattern in the sequence: 14 p. black color culinary smoothness, * 36 p. green color of azhur according to the scheme, 13 p. black color culinary smoothness * repeat 5 times, 1 p. black color culinary smoothness. In the first 128 p. add on 1 p. on the right evenly only 77 p. Rows 129-180 knit in the zone 79-0-77.


In the 181st row, close the left 48 sts with a non-stretch method and continue knitting in the zone 31-0-77 for another 80 p. Close all loops in a non-stretch manner. So it looks like a semi-finished product:


In the ranks 181-214 on the left, 1 pound should be removed at a uniform rate of only 27 p. (To be transferred to a neighboring needle by a one-ear deck). In the ranks 215-260, also, on the left, 1 p., Evenly, cutting off only 21 p.



Details to steam off. Run the right shoulder seam.

To decorate the neckline, connect the elastic band 1'1 with two bekes.

For the left part of the front V-notch cut 38 p. And knit 10 p. adding on the right 1 pt 5 times in each second row. Hanging on the needles left part of the cutout of the part is transferred from the wrong side to itself, combining the rightmost loop of the beika with the center of the cutout, knit 1 р. manually, in the next row, close all the loops in a non-stretching manner.

For the right side of the V-neck and the back of the collar, collect 96 p. In the zone 38-0-58 and knit 10 r. adding on the left 1 pt 5 times in each second row. Hanging the main parts on the needles with the wrong side to themselves, combining the edge of the left loop of the bake with the center of the cutout from the front, and the loops of the middle of the needle bed with the right shoulder seam, tie 1 p. manually, in the next row, close all the loops in a non-stretching manner.

Run the left shoulder seam.

For a cuff of each sleeve to type 86 p. In a zone 43-0-43 and to knit 18 r. Hook the main parts with the wrong side to the needles, aligning the center of the needle with the shoulder seam, and the outer hinges of the cuff strap with the middle of the straight section of the front and back main parts. To spend 1 p. manually, in the next row, close all the loops in a non-stretching manner.

The belt is made of two identical parts, front and rear. To do this, score 98 points in the zone 49-0-49 and knit 90 rubles. Hang the lower oblique edge of the detail of the gear or backrest with the wrong side to itself evenly on the needles, tie 1 p. manually, in the next row, close all the loops in a non-stretching manner.

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