Beautiful Sweater Free Pattern

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Sweater description for size 42-46 
Yarn Nako Moheir Delicate, in 100 GR 500 m (You can replace the yarn any other, with the same footage) Knit in 2 strands. 
The Backrest and before knitting the same. On Spokes 4.5 We recruit 76 loops and knit elastic band of 2/2 9 rows. Then we go to the spokes number 6, we touch the front surface, add 10 loops. There are 86 loops On the spokes. Knit the facial smoothness to the required length. I Have this 52 cm (on the height of 160 excellent) Distribution of flowers (12cm burgundy + 12 cm red + 28 cm white) 
We Distribute loops on 28 loops on shoulders (close these loops) and on additional thread remove 30 loops for a neck. 
Sleeves. On Spokes 4.5 We dial 40 loops, knitting also a rubber band of 2/2 9 rows. Turn to the Spokes number 6, the front row is put, adding 16 loops. Total on the spokes should be 56 loops. Knit facial smoothness, making increments in each 10 row on the sides. I Have a sleeve length of 37 cm (there were 4 deliveries, and at the end of the spokes appeared 64 loops) Distribution of flowers (12cm Bordeaux + 12 cm Red + the remainder of the required length-white) 
From the front and back with additional threads took off loops, threw on spokes 4, 5 and knitted in a circle rubber band 2/2 9 rows. 
Sew all parts of the sweater and on the WTO 😉

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