Women Poncho Crochet Free Pattern

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Knitting with straight and reverse strands: The number of loops is short 4 + 2 chrome. 

Persons Rows: Orom., * 1 persons., 2 ex., 1 persons., from * recur. 

Out rows: knit loops according to the pattern. 

Knit on the crotch: a number of loops is quite 4. 4. Knit alternately 2 persons., 2 of each. 

Persons ranks - lysee loops, wrong rows - wrong loops. 

Even number of loops. 1st order: inversely 1 person., 1 wear; 

2nd and 4th rows: knit loops according to the figure; 

3rd row: alternately 1 out., 1 persons. = the pattern is shifted to 1 p.  

In the top turn from the 1st to the 4th row. 

Knit according to the reduced scheme. The diagram shows only the front rows. To knit the loops in the inside rows according to the pattern. Turn high from the 1st to the 14th row. 

18.5 p. X 26.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by pearl and relief patterns with spokes No. 6; 
rubber band (not to stretch when measuring): 18 points = 6 cm, connected with the needles No. 6. 

Knitting on a large number of rows in straight and reverse directions is more convenient on round knitting needles.

The product fits in the transverse direction from the left shelf. The arrow on the pattern indicates the knitting direction. 


On round knitting needles No. 6 dial 96 points and knit for the lower strap of the left hem: chrome., 92 points of rubber, finish off 2 points. gadi, chrome. 

After 6 cm from the set of rows, continue the work, distributing the hold-up loops as follows: Cr., 64 p. Of pearl pattern, 13 p. Of relief-embossed, for the next 17 p. + Cr. continue to knit rubber (= front strip). 

After 13 cm = 34 p. From the set of rows, dial from the right side for the back of the new 24 points, on a set of loops to knit with a pearl pattern = 120 points (the right edge = the bottom edge of the back). 

54 cm = 144 p. From the bottom sheet, mark from the left. The upper beginning of the back of the neck. 

After 61 cm = 161 p. from the bottom bar of the back is connected to the middle. 

Finish the second half of the product symmetrically, with the front panel fill out 3 holes for buttons: close the 10th and 9th loops of the row, close the next loops next to the new loops. The 1st hole should be located at a distance of 22 cm from the neck mark, the other 2 holes - with an interval of 9 cm. 

After 122 cm = 322 p. From the bottom of the left side of the shelf, similarly run the bottom panel of the right side, 6 cm wide, then close the loop on the figure. 

On knitting needles No. 6, put on the lower edge of the back (= right edge of work 96 cm long) 170 s and knit with a rubber band on the bottom strap. With a width of 6 cm, close the hinge according to the pattern. 

Put the items along the lines (see the picture) with the wrong side inwards and combine the same icons. Lateral Racks and back and sew = holes for rik. 

On the edge of each right, type on the stocking needles No. 5, 5 and 48 in paragraph (= 12 in each needle) and knit in a circle of 3 cm with an elastic band. Then close the loops on the picture. 

Sew on buttons to the front plank of the left shelf. ‍ ‍‌‌‍ ‍

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