Knitted Vest Across Free Pattern

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Size: 38-42
You will need: 500 g beige yarn Posano (40% cotton, 38% Polyacryl, 22% polyamide, 105 m/50 g); Needles and Hook № 3.5.

Persons. Surface: Persons. Ranks of persons. Hinges, Series Loops.
Openwork pattern: An odd number of loops. Knit according to scheme 1, which lists the faces. and N. Ranks.
Starting with a loop before the rapport, repeating the rapport, finishing the loops after the rapport. Repeat from the 1st to the 8th series.
The pattern of braid (of 27 loops): Knit on the Scheme 2, which lists the faces. and N. Ranks. Knit 1 Raport, then loops up arrow. Repeat from the 1st to the 40th series.
"Rope" pattern (double thread): Each range is starting and finishing 1 chrome. Persons. Range: * 1 N., remove 1 loop as a-line, thread before work, repeat from *. IPMs. Number: * 1 persons., take off 1 loop as a., thread at work, repeat from *.
Knitting density: 19.5 loops and 28 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

Attention! Vest knit across, starting with the right shelf. arrow on the pattern = direction of knitting.

Job description
Cross-shaped set to dial 112 loops and knit as follows: Chrome, 10 loops faces. Gladi, 41 hinge of openwork pattern, 32 loops of faces. Surface, 27 loops of a pattern from a braid. Chrome. After 49.5 cm = 138 rows from the inlaid edge close to the right armhole on the right side of the 67 loops = 45 loops and in the next row of them again to dial = 112 loops and again knit on the pattern. After 75 cm = 210 rows from the inlaid edge reached the middle of the backrest. After 100 cm = 280 rows from the inlaid edge to execute the left arm as well. Through 150 cm = 420 rows from the inlaid edge to tie two more rows of "rope" pattern and all loops to close faces.a

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