Shoulder Detail Triko Free Pattern

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Size: 36/38 (42/44-48/50 in) 

You will need: yarn A (80% fleece, 20% cashmere wool; 110 m/50 g)-600 (650-700) G pink; Yarn B (75% mohair wool, 25% silk; 225 m/25 g)-125 (150-175) g light grey; Circular Spokes № 6 length 80 and 50 cm. 

Elastic: Knit alternately 1 persons., 1 H. 

The Pattern from "braid": to knit on the given scheme. Start with the 2nd P. Before the 1st arrow, repeat the rapport = 12 p. Between the arrows and finish 8 p. After the 2nd arrow. In height Repeat from the 1st to the 16th row. 

Decorative Additions: 
From the right edge: Chrome, 1 persons., from the stretch to knit out 1 persons. Crossed. 
From the left edge: from the stretch To knit 1 persons. Crossed, 1 persons., Chrome. 

The Density of Knitting: 19 p. x 22 P. = 10 x 10 cm, is associated with a pattern of "braid" double thread = one thread A and B.

Attention: The model is fully knit double thread = Connect one thread of each type of yarn. 

Backrest: Double thread dial 107 (119-131) p. and knit for the bottom strap 6.5 cm = 13 p. Rubber band, thus start with a Iznanochnogo series, in width after chrome. Start with 1 N., and in the last row reduce 1 p. = 106 (118-130) p. Next Knit pattern of "braid". In 9th P. From the bottom lath to execute on both parties for Skosov (the lowered armholes, or the whole-knitted sleeves) 1 time on 1 decorative increase, then in each 2nd p. 3 more times to execute on 1 decorative increase, after that additionally to dial 2 (2-1) times on 2 p. , 2 (1-1) times 3 p. and 1 times 4 p. = 142 (148-156) p. Added loops to include in the pattern of "braid", with the loops crossed only after the added enough loops for a full "spit". Further for Skosov Armi (All-purpose sleeves) to execute on both parties in each 4-th p. 12 (12-13) times on 1 Decorative increase = 166 (172-182) p. Through 23 (24-25) SM = 51 (53-55) р. From the beginning of Skosov for the whole of the knitted sleeves, or through 34.5 SM = 76 р. From the bottom lath , close on both sides for shoulder bevel 1 times 3 p., then in each 2nd P. 14 (12-8) times to 3 p. and 3 (5-9) times 4 p. After 16 cm = 35 p. From the beginning of the shoulder bevel to transfer to the auxiliary spokes remaining 52 (54-56) p. Gorina. 

Before: Knit as a backrest, but for a deeper neck to transfer to the auxiliary spokes average 24 (26-28) p. Already through 6.5 cm = 14 p. From the beginning of the shoulder bevel and first finish the right side. From the inner edge Close for rounding cut in each 2nd P. 1 times 4 p., 1 times 3 p., 1 times 2 p. and 5 times 1 p. The Other side to finish symmetrically. 

Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. On Short circular spokes to transfer 52 (54-56) of the postponed loops of a neck of a backrest, on the left bight of a cut forward a double thread (= on 1 filament pink and light-grey) to dial 21 P., Projazit, continuing a pattern, postponed 24 (26-28) p. of a neck of front and on Right Bight cutout front dial 21 p. = 118 (122-126) p. For A running knit 1 circle. R. purl and 8 cm = 17 circle. P. Elastic band. Then close all loops on a pattern of a cloth. Lateral edges to connect a mattress seam, thus to bring in a seam halves of edge loops so that from a front party both halves of kromošnym were connected in a full face loop. Follow the bottom seams of the sleeves. On the bottom edges of the whole-knitted sleeves to dial a double thread (= on 1 thread pink and light-grey), capturing facial walls Kromovyi, 92 (96-100) p. and knit for a lath 1 circle. R. purl and 8 cm = 17 circle. P. Elastic band. Then close all loops on a pattern of a cloth.

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