Crochet Fishnet Top Free Pattern

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For Knitting size 36/38 will need 320 g yarn CANAPA (100% natural Italian hemp, 85 m/50 g); Hook № 4.

Basic stock knit according to the scheme. Knitting Density 17. P x 8 r. = 10x10 cm.
It is recommended to cover the pattern in full size.

Backrest: Tie a chain of 62. P. And then knit the main pattern, performing the decrease of the pattern. After 35 cm from the beginning of the work (the beginning of the armholes) knit around the edges 3 art. c/N. In the center of the neck cut, perform a vertical incision of 3 cm in height to increase the neck. After 60 cm from the beginning of knitting finish the work.

Before: Knit as a backrest, but with a deeper neckline.

Assembly: Perform shoulder and side seams, leaving the bottom on the sides of 15 cm for incisions. For the collar by cutting the neck (leaving the incision at the back) tie the 3 cm main pattern. For the tie on both sides of the cut on the back to tie the chain of the Vozd. 12 cm long. Optionally, you can link the composition of the colors and decorate them top (see photo).

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