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The original pullover in the style of patchwork creates an unusual three-dimensional effect. The model consists of squares connected separately, color transitions from white to anthracite are born from a ball of sectional dyeing yarn.

Dimensions: 36/38 (40/42)

You will need

Yarn (50% natural wool, 50% polyamide; 215 m / 50 g) - 350 (400) g of gray-anthracite-white sectional dyeing.

Spokes number 5; short and long circular needles number 5.

Pattern 1: front surface = front rows - front loops, purl rows - purl loops.

Pattern 2: kerchief = face and purl rows - face loops.

Pattern 3: the main pattern = after the initial row or a set of loops tie 1 purl row facial! Then between the edge perform alternately 2 rows of pattern 1 and 2 rows of pattern 2.

Square: 1 square consists of 4 triangles, see triangles 1-4 in the diagram. The dashed lines show the edges for a set of loops. Solid line = seam; arrows in triangles = knitting direction.

1st triangle: type on the spokes 22 (24) loops and knit with pattern 3. At the same time knit on the right edge in each front row after the edge 20 (22) x 2 loops together on the front. After 11 cm = 41 rows (12 cm = 45 rows) from the initial row, leave the remaining 2 loops.

2nd triangle: on the left 2 loops, type on the spokes along the left edge of the previous triangle 20 (22) loops. On these 22 (24) loops, knit with pattern 3, while at the same time, on the right, as before, reduce 20 (22) x 1 n.

3rd triangle: knit like 2nd triangle.

4th triangle: knit, like the 2nd triangle, but the remaining 2 points to knit together the front, cut the thread, leaving the end length of approx. 25 cm, and stretch it through the last loop. The end of the thread to seam between the 4th and 1st triangles.

Three quarters of a square: execute only the 1-3rd triangles of the square, then knit the remaining 2 loops together with the front one, cut the thread and stretch it through the last loop.

Separate triangle: type on the spokes 16 loops and knit with pattern 3. At the same time, knit along the right edge in each front row after the edge 14 x 2 together with the front one. Through 8 cm = 29 rows from the initial row, knit the remaining 2 loops together with the front one, cut the thread and stretch it through the last loop.

Coloring: the color of the pullover is obtained by sectionally colored yarn, so the associated models may differ from the presented sample. To get solid triangles, you can, if necessary, start each triangle with a new thread of the desired color.

Knitting density: pattern 3 - 20 p. X 37 p. = 10 x 10 cm; 1 square = 15.5 x 15.5 (17 x 17) cm.

Attention: so that the squares for the pullover are even, stretch them before stitching to size 16 x 16 (17.5 x 17.5) indicated in the pattern and dry under a damp cloth. Only then sew the squares together. Pattern and instructions. Coloring can be chosen at will.

Knitting pullover description

Back: make 12 squares and sew into a rectangle 3x4 squares.

Before: make 11 squares and 1 three-quarters of a square and stitch a 3x4 square into a rectangle, with three-quarters of a square in the middle of the top row, the notch forming the neckline.

Sleeves: for each sleeve, make 6 squares and stitch a 2x3 square into a rectangle. Then perform 2 separate triangles and acc. Sew them on both sides of the pattern, flush with the top edge, with the sloping edge pointing down.

Assembly: perform shoulder seams on both sides at 16 (17.5) cm = 1 side of the square. Dial on the short circular knitting needles along the edge of the neckline 72 (80) loops and tie 10 cm for the collar. 2. Then close the loops as facial loops. Collar half hem inside. On the bottom edge of the sleeves, type 28 (31) s on the spokes from each square and, on these 56 (62) s, tie 1 purl row to the front. Then close the hinges as facial.

Sew sleeves acc. size on the pattern. Run side seams and sleeve seams. On the bottom edge of the pullover, dial 28 (31) sections on each long circular knitting needles from each square and, on these 168 (186) loops, tie 1 circular row to the inside. Then close all the loops as facial. 

Pattern and pattern for knitting a pullover

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