Crochet Wrap Free Pattern

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Before: White thread type 82 p. and 
Knit: 40 p. Persons. Surface, 2 p, IPMs, Stitch. 40 
P, faces, stitch. At a height of 2 cm from the lower 
Edge 6 R.) Ubavljajte on both sides after 
First and before the last 2 p, in each 6th 
P. 5 times 1 P., by tying the right 1 simple 
And the left 2 p. Together the front, on the 
Saute 34 cm from the bottom edge of 36 p.) Pribav 
Leite on both sides after the first and before 
Slednimi 2 p, in each 6-th R. 8 times that L p.. You 
Perform one intermediate addition. On 
Height 33 cm from the lower edge of the 86 p.) Close 
Those on both sides for armholes then 4 L., then 
Ubavljajte for Reglannyh Bevels after the first 
And before the last 2 p. In each 2-M, 16 times 
by 1 P., Lrovvzvaja Spraza Simple Protjazh- 
and left 2 p. Together face, at the height of 13 
CM from the beginning of the armholes 34 p,) leave open- 
The remaining 48 p. 
Sleeve: White thread type 47 p. and 
For Baikie, tie b r, hollow gum cm). 
Continue the work of the faces, stitch. from both 
Ron add after the first and before the 
Slednimi 2 p. In each 12-th p. P., 
Performing one intermediate addition. 
At an altitude of 33 cm from Baikie WB R.) Close with 
Okata on both sides for 4 p, then Ubavljaj 
Those for Reglannyh Bevels after the first and before 
The last 2 p. D each 2-th time on 1 p. 
On the right is a simple stretching, and the 
for 2 p. Together facial, at a height of 13 cm from the 
Chala okata 34 R.) Leave the OS Open 
Tavshiesja 19 p. 
Assembling and finishing 
With a black thread, type 46 L, along the operating 
Lating the sleeves behind the Baikie. Related 
Elastic band, at the level of loops of the 1st p. of persons. 
Surface For strap tie 21 p, rubber band 2/2, 
Starting with 2 IPMs. On the IPMs "side of the work, 1 
The preparatory series for the hollow gum should be 
The following way: * persons, L., 2 p, Perekres- 
Distrib left 2 p. Tie Reverse for 1- 
Th p., then tie the face 1 IPMs. P 
Repeat PT L * PS to the whole row; Finish 
1 persons, L,, IPMs, L., then 4 p, hollow rubber Band 
(only 10 cm); Close the hinges knitted 
Seam. Close Reglannye seams, sleeves seams 
and side seams, chulochnymi spokes and thread 
White type all open P., Provja • 
Zvaja their facial: for Baikie knit 6 p. 
Sing with a rubber band cm); Close the hinges of the 
lazhnym seam, Chulochnymi spokes and thread 
Black dial 196 p. Along the Gorlovi 
Rear of the Baikie, connected by a hollow rubber band, and 
At the level of loops of the set series Baikie; For 
Coquette tie in P, rubber band 2/5, starting from 
5 IPMs. P., 1 P. as follows: * 4 IPMs, p., 
2 p. Together facial, persons. P, repeat from 
* Up to * 28 times, then tie in R. Rubber Band 24, 
R. as follows: * 3 IPMs, p., 2 p. 
Together facial, faces. P. lovtorjajte from 
Up to * 28 times, then to R. Gum 2/3, p, ad- 
The following way: * 2 IPMs. P., 2 p, together 
Cevoj, persons, p. T, repeat from up to * 28 times 
and 14 R. Gum 24, 1 preparatory p. 
For hollow Gum as follows: * 
IPMs. P., 2 p. Cross to the right 2nd p. 
Tie the face before the P, then tie 
Reverse 1 person. P. Repeat from 
Up to * across the row. Vjakite 4 R. Popes re- 
Zinkoj (total = 1 in cm) and close the hinges of the 
Tazhnym seam, hook and thread of black Cee- 
Do the finishing: for finishing in the base- 
And along the base of the Coquette tie- 
The following way: Enter the hook in the operating 
Care Baikie. Made of hollow rubber, 
46 Sandra 
and tie art. 6.4-4, wrapping bias, * pro. 
Let the next 2 p. (1 p. On each 
Layer of hollow gum). 1 art. In the next L., 
Entering the hook into the base of the Baikie and wrapping it 
*, repeat * to * the whole row, 
1 is empty, in the 1st P, for finishing the center transmit: 
Fold the work vertically at the level of the 
The last p. of the front surface preceding the 
Central 2 p. Reverse GLA- 
Di, since the last row 
Face surface from the side 
Mouth, enter the 
Chok Z Center Loop This 
Same series, preceded by 
Vironment folded 
Loop. and, finding 
Center of the years- 
= conn, art. 
Art, "H, 
Receptive Locked- 
Distrib Arch Lee, following her. Tie 1 art. B. ' N. Obdi- 
Vai folded p,, ow., Skip 2 
Blowing L,. 1 art. Z Next folded 
P., Zdodja the hook in the center of the loop of the same row. 
Its predecessor and to the centre of the 
Blowing her loops *, repeat from up to 
RPM the whole row and the Vite thread, follow the 
Symmetrically finished to the left of the 2 central 
Starting from the base and moving up. 
29 Fishnet Shawl 
Size: X 220 cm. 
Average degree of complexity. 
Edom will need: 
650 g yarn (100% acrylic) Black Cee- 
TA, Hook PPD 2.5, 
Vjazdnija technique 
Crochet: Air loop (b. Column 
With Crochets (vv. C, ' N). Column with 2 throws (art. 
Description of the work 
Type a deposition of 12 A, p. (In A. L, 
Basics-9 4 pl and Knit: 
1st R: Art. In 9th, p, 
Thin from the hook,-2 in, p., 
1 art. C, ' n 
d 3-nd v. P, 
Hooks, 4. P., 
To knit straight and 
Gouging rows, 
2nd R.: Z. P. lifting. 8 art. 
S'n in the Arch of 4 B, p, preceding- 
R., St., CL. In art. Preda 
Future R., 2 V, L., art. He's in the footsteps 
Alternat St, SGBV of the previous R., 9 art., art. 
In the next arch of 4 in, p. 
3 R.: 4. L. (W, p, lifting + B. 
1 art. Art in art. C. \ n of the previous row, between 
Art. SL E. P., 2 v. P., art. C/Nvsledujushhij Art. 
Yong Previous row, 1 in, L.. 1 art, art. 
Sјn of the previous row, between art. C, ' N. P. da- 
Work to continue according to the law scheme 
24 • Range inclusive. 
25. J-Marciano R.: Knit according to the scheme from the 9th to 
24-TH series inclusive. 
41-St R.: Knit according to the scheme from the 9th Lo 
Range inclusive. 
Assembling and finishing 
The top edge of shawls to tie 1 р. Art. 6 ' N. by 
The bottom of the brush is arbitrary length. 

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